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  1. So is this thread still about anuses? Cuz I don't really use any sex animations, but it would be fun if I could see my characters butthole when he jumps I guess.
  2. Oh, that makes a lot more sense now. I thought the Caliente Tools being referenced were some other download I needed BEFORE downloading the SAM bodyslide slider set.
  3. Hi, I'm stupid. When you say "download caliente tools legendary" ... where do I download that from. I've tried googling a few times and I can't find it.
  4. I don't believe any of the mods I have installed modify the behaviors of any of the vanilla creatures, so if that's the case I should be able to replace FNIS with Nemesis without much trouble. (unless the animations that come with mods that insert fauna/enemies into the game would cause a conflict)
  5. Are any of the animations included with SAM triggered by anything other than console commands? Because as long as the animations are only triggered by ME choosing to trigger them, I think it will be fine to disable FNIS as long as I remember not to try initiating the poses. I don't have much use for the sexy poses anyway. I just want to play a fantasy RPG where I'm a beefy almost-naked dude surrounded by other beefy almost-naked dudes.
  6. I used the guides on the forum to get my game setup for SAM so I have FNIS installed, though I don't completely know what it does tbh. But in my efforts to mod Skyrim into a game I would actually enjoy playing (so as to have an excuse to play with the SAM bodies) I've run into a few mods I would like to install. 360 Movement Combat Gameplay Overhaul However, these mods, which were developed by the same person, are apparently NOT compatible with FNIS and if I'm understanding the page for CGO correctly they instead need a different behavior handler (Nemesis). So I guess what I'm trying to ask is "what does FNIS actually do for us SAM users and if I can replace it with Nemesis, how would I go about doing it without completely breaking my game?"
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