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    SAM Light

    Gave this a shot in special edition - seemed to work great, no issues, except that there's a super noticeable gap in the khajiit's wrist when casting spells/shooting a bow etc... Doesn't seem to be affecting the other races (I only tried with an orc and nord, but both seemed just fine). Not totally sure what I've done to mess it up, since I installed it on a clean save, any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks for all the hard work in setting this up!
  2. kangaroo25

    SAM - Khajiit Textures

    I've been trying to use this texture in SSE with samlight, seems to be working pretty well overall, except there is a pretty noticeable seam in the wrists when casting spells - looks fantastic otherwise. Don't suppose anyone has any suggestions for dealing with the seam?