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  1. Very cute and hot! If only I had a big man like that in my life... πŸ˜ͺ
  2. This is probably the most thought I've ever put into a backstory for one of my characters, but here it is: even though his "backstory" is mostly him being horny 24/7 ? also thanks to @smidgen for the character sheet template
  3. Very nice! ? Will you be converting your bodytalk refits for this body? (for example, the cowboy lux and cross courser outfits)
  4. I love him! He's so beefy ? Could you share his preset, I've been looking for a druid-type character for a while now.
  5. Thanks! Which pack includes the scars? I looked at the available packs, but I don't want to download all of them to find out.
  6. What mod did you use to get those scars on the Hawk on the left? Also, their asses are amazing! ?
  7. Yep! Delete from the "{" right above the "data" tag below MaleHeadCustomizations.tri to the "}" right below the "vertices" tag below MouthHumanChargen.tri. As long as the rest of the sculpt data is intact, you should be fine.
  8. I believe if you delete the mouth sculpt data in the preset, you can apply it without crashing and without needing to install realistic teeth. You'll need to open the preset .jslot in a text editor such as notepad++, and then just delete the section as shown below.
  9. Here you go! As with Ishtal, the only requirement is Realistic Teeth. Karok Follower.zip
  10. So, I made him into a follower. He should be standalone except for Realistic Teeth, but since I kinda hacked together this standalone version please tell me if there are any issues with his eyes or brows. He isn't placed anywhere in the world, so you'll need to use the console to spawn him ("help Ishtal" and then "player.placeatme 'Ishtal's ID here'") I made him marriageable and he has no level cap. He's nude, so you'll need to give the poor guy some clothes. Or not Ishtal Follower.zip
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