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  1. Can not for the life of me get the morphs to work. I want my hero to be boyish and hairless and my followers to be the opposite. And since Im not good at creating custom races I see this the only option,
  2. Managed to add the penis and textures for Yngvar, and fixed race to playable in Xedit. Still couldnt use morphs on him though ;( EDIT: Actually got it to work! TY KouLeifoh!
  3. Where do we go to modify the ESP? I`ve recently downloaded CK and SSedit + Nifmerge. But have a hard time finding out where to go to do these kind of changes.
  4. How do I make his textures standalone? I wish to use other textures for him than the ones I use for my main character. Pretty face, sam light add on and boyish look does not suit this guy 😛
  5. I havent downloaded it, but I guess it's a texture. Your have 4 diffent textures for male body. Normal map is what I would call muscle definition. You just have to unzip the file and place it in your folder with your textures for males. If you only have sam light, place it there. If you sam light texture add on place it there. Dunno where to go from here. Im using sam light, sam ligh texture add on, high poly head and nails, hdt bbb, morphs for racemenu, light texture add on, savren pretty face for my main pc. And I want this too. But in stead of pretty face, boyish body and sam light texture add on I want Render textures for my followers. Kaidan and Lucien. I dunno how to implement all those mentioned above into a custom race mod and still be able to use morphs etc and without blackface, neck seam and other issues.
  6. For some reason I cant change the "Face Part" slider. It wont budge.
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