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  1. After so long, I have finally finished a mod for male body within the game. This is a Frankenstein fusion of other mods as well to make this one look as seamless as possible. Which is why I will not be releasing this onto any other site. As I will need the permission from the other two people who haven't posted in quite a while... So as of now this is something that is just a personal file. If you want it please let me know and I will give you the other parties involved names so you can show them proper respect for their work on helping blend the skin just right. I also be releasing the ones that did all of my own which is the armor mods and the weapon mods. This something I'm actively going to be working on because I want to make an angel theme armor set for all the classes in the game.
  2. Sorry for the super late reply, yeah you'll still be able to use this mod. I believe somewhere on my computer is the finalized version of this, I actually probably will redownload the game myself as I haven't played in a full year I believe.and this is still one of my favorite games especially with me improving the textures and models on it now that I have a year and a half worth of experience with improving textures and 3D models.
  3. So, I ran into an weird problem with the mod. the hands are not scaling to the body. I reloaded the file and it did the same thing again. I it has to be something simple, everything else is working fine.
  4. I have finally finished the male nude mod. I looks amazing and I had to use LDKSuperDante body mod as an base to work off that to make the body map line up correctly. But it worked out well, everything is prefect. I wish I could edit the 3D model to add dimensions to the penis but no one know show too do that yet. Or at least I haven't found it during my research. Updates pics below.
  5. PitBrat theseblook amazing 👏 😍. Later on this morning I'm going to try to remove the lines at the side of the models but this looks great. I can't wait to see how far we can go with fixing the male models.
  6. Here it is. Beta Nude Male Mods.zip
  7. So, I'll add the file that used above with the textures I was working on here the downloaded file so y'all can use the textures for both the erect and non erect male models . Honestly you can do what you want with it work on it change it make it better if you can. I honestly appreciate any help in improvements that anyone can make one and honestly so see it as a free source. I'm learning how to make 2D textures look 3D by using the image. I'm hoping to be able to make both versions look 3 dimensional. I'll upload it here very soon.
  8. Happy new year everyone, I have added the last bit to the male model for this and it looks okay for an 2D added on. I wish I could edit the 3D model somehow to make this look better. I did two different styles on this hard and the other soft. What do you think? Dragon’s Dogma_ Dark Arisen 2020-01-01 01-16-44.mp4
  9. Here is the updated textures, the body is more defined now with slightly left lines visible. 

    Dragon’s Dogma_ Dark Arisen 12_11_2019 8_03_02 PM.png

    Dragon’s Dogma_ Dark Arisen 12_11_2019 8_03_56 PM.png

    Dragon’s Dogma_ Dark Arisen 12_11_2019 8_04_18 PM.png

    Dragon’s Dogma_ Dark Arisen 12_11_2019 8_04_50 PM.png

    Dragon’s Dogma_ Dark Arisen 12_11_2019 8_06_00 PM.png

    Dragon’s Dogma_ Dark Arisen 12_12_2019 8_39_15 PM.png

    Dragon’s Dogma_ Dark Arisen 12_12_2019 8_39_53 PM.png

    Dragon’s Dogma_ Dark Arisen 12_12_2019 8_40_28 PM.png

    Dragon’s Dogma_ Dark Arisen 12_12_2019 8_41_29 PM.png

    Dragon’s Dogma_ Dark Arisen 12_12_2019 8_43_38 PM.png

    Dragon’s Dogma_ Dark Arisen 12_12_2019 8_43_59 PM.png

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