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  1. Dear @Ulfberth, your big mods for men are getting bigger and to be the biggest mods for boys - like you (big guy)! I am using almost all of your mods - except (like clothing/armor) refits from female (original) mods.
  2. MagnoCumGaudio. I will look why MCG did it. I changed the load order, maybe it has to do with it. I also installed patches for LightUp, CompanionStatus and CWSS. I must see if I installed/loaded the mods not properly. I start my game always via F4SE (from Mod Organizer 2). Thank you for the helpful info, my dear @Ulfberth
  3. Greetings, guys. I am having problems with AAF. But this time different problems. AAF and animation scenes working normal, NO error messages in admin menu, but I get a message before animation starts with " -insert character name here- is fucking with -insert NPC name here- ". Voices (moaning) can be hear, but AAF scene menu disappears completely (only AAF main menu on top right is there) so that I can NOT end the animation nor change it. I also can not play anymore, I have to load earlier save, but then TAB key does NOT work ('till I start the game from the desktop again). I have asked for it on https://www.loverslab.com/topic/119408-aaf-wont-load/ I also looked on https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/advanced-animation-framework/issues/390/ and https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/advanced-animation-framework/issues/394/incompatibility-with-looksmenu-bodygen I just want to know if this happened because of AM and or UAP, dear @Ulfberth I followed the install order you said here in this AM forum, sorted (body and animation) mods after your guide here and your UAP patch site.
  4. It's good to find refits for men from mods made for men. Ulf, you're doing good job with your refits. I like SavrenX's mods for men only. He makes one of the best clothing mods for dudes. I also installed almost all mods from him (mostly texture mods for settlements).
  5. Oh man, I forgot that you ALREADY made all the sliders 'ready to play' withOUT needing of BSaOS fondling. I just was wondering why the slider "My Custom Slider for Clothes 3" disappeared suddenly. Even so I had to say 'goodbye' to many clothing mods for men (I will miss them all!), I will try intensively your AM mod. I need time to learn it's functions so it can happen that I will come back to report too often! btw, i also uninstalled the bt2 bsAos sliders (your older mod). <*handshake*>
  6. I think I am having still OTHER problems (sorry about it but I have to report it)... After disabling(uninstalled) BT2 and EVB (male cut), bt2/evb related mods for men and Luke's male clothing bt2 refits, I got now many non-working sliders in bodyslide. All slider PREVIEWS for bt2 related armours/clothing are gone and your AM my custom presets (with zero sliders for clothing) is not there too - except your Atomic Muscle Zero Sliders (this is for body not clothing). Example: Even for your "[AM Vanilla] Long John" there is no menu for clothing sliders (Your "My Custom Presets" slider (except AM Zero Sliders). There was that slider before (before I uninstalled bt2/evb). And Sleep Intimate sliders have no previews also (like "Sl-BodyTalk-v2-Erect"). EDIT (after ~20 minutes): (After I uninstalled ALL bt2/evb and related mods,) installed BSaOS + your AM again, I have in bodyslide now almost only your mod's contents (MANY MANY content beginning with "[AM] ..." + AM body morphs (+ penis + hands) (and sleep intimate and friffy preston outfit). The slider for clothing is still not there (except "Atomic Muscle Zero SLiders/Friffy and Sleep Intimate and BASE male).
  7. Got it.... 1) It means, either I use BT2 OR AM - not both. Your AM has all contents (all-in-one mod). 2) It means, I have to uninstall BT2 and it's related mods (like Luke's mod). 3) It means, UAP does not need BT2 (anymore). Thnx, @Ulfberth and *BIG kisses* (because BIG guy needs BIG kisses!)
  8. Greetings, @Ulfberth . I am sorry, I did not want to say that your AM mod would cause the overall issues. You're right, I must have mod that causes this issue with invisible bare body. I will look all my mods to find out what is causing it. BSaOS= BodySlide and OutfitStudio (this is giVen short name by myself!). By the way, if I uninstall BT2 you UAP mod needs it anyway. And Luke1987's BT2 clothes for men (that I use) needs BT2 too. I am sorry that I ask to many questions about BT2 but I am at the moment confused what to do with it.
  9. Thank you for answering, Ulf. When I uncheck BT2 so I have to uncheck your OLDER (found on Nexus months ago) mod for BT2 (Ulf's LookMenu MaleBody for BT2) (no clothing or amour just body textures), then the male bodies has only VictoriamLine textures. I like(d) your old bt2 related body mod. When I install your Atomic Muscle mod I choose almost all options - even for modders resources. That could be the fake hands in BodySlide, then. Now, I know it is not an issues. To come back to BT2, EVB. I will uninstall both then just your AM and VictoriamLine then. Then there are many many "AM" related sliders in BSaOS. How can I use them all for your AM refits? I tried to check them ONE BY ONE but it was not possible (it takes way too much time to do it). I just want that all clothes/armours for men hacve your AM related sliders.
  10. Greetings, my dear friend, @Ulfberth. It means I can delete BT2 then? By the way, I got since yesterday weird texture issues. But I do not know if it has to do with your Atomic Muscle mod. Please, look at the screenshots. BSaOS and in-game screenshots. (Sturges Overall + Male Hands that look like it does not fit into the arm (fake hand)) (Then Sturges Overall in-game. His bare chest is not inside his overall)) Maybe it has to do with BT2 mod AND your AM mod. Maybe incompatible, like you said. EDIT: Your mod requires/highly recommended VictoriamLine but it requires BT2 or EVB. > When I do not use BT2 VictoriamLine would not work. Or did you mean no need for BT2 related mods - except BT2 itself??
  11. So, it's sad to see the two of the best mod makers for men hit their throats - rather than run into their arms (to show friendship)! Something is wrong here! Somebody or something has brought these two guys into tantrums. While mods for heteros AND lesbians are made 'peaceful' by mod authors and constantly updated and there is a lot of interest among users, we men who want mods for men only remain outsiders. Instead of working together, there are always arguments. Where should that end? Guys, please, please, please, be sensible and try to make peace - so that we men can enjoy your mods without seeing each other 'strangling' each other. Dear @The Bottomhood of Steel and @Ulfberth. You are STILL friends - you both do not remember?
  12. Greetings, dear @Ulfberth. Dude, you're going to be the Master of gay mods for FO4. I just installed it and saw you added new options (like DLC outfit refits). Do I need your BT2 character creation mod (has almost same content in FOMOD) or just this one?
  13. hello, everyone! i'm just curious if there will be support for fo4 & bt2 here on vectorplexus. ulf, u left nexus and deleted your (bt2) mods. luke1987 has left/deleted his mods too. r u both 'moving' to vectorplexus?
  14. alex's texture mod is damn good because only this one has muscle/veins, if i'm not wrong, even evb,bt2, victoriamline do not have it. and like you said, the author seems to be 'silent' forever. no updates anymore. EDIT: and improved male chest is another good mod but that this is just improvement of the male chest with realistically looking. when i load male chest mod after hairy/nude body mods men have no body hair - too bad. both are very good mods but both are not compatible with hairy body and nudity
  15. Thank you 4 the answer, man. I saw Aryada sliders and abs definition, when I changed them the character got XXL male breasts in AAF animations (but after that normal male chest)!!! VictoriamLine is installed. Do I need other mods to change muscles and veins?? You have a mod to change the sliders but they are above the +/- 100% limits and idk if it would help? EDIT: I show you a screenshots that shows what I want (pay attention to his arm veins and male chest) : This is when I move AlexScorpion's mpd AFTER ALL non-nude/nude male body mods, but when I move this mod above nude mods the character has not very visible muscle veins. Too bad, this mod is non-nude and the character wears always UGGLY Bethesda underwear. And this after I moved Alex's mod above all nude/Non-nude mods. Pay attention to the colorful, realistically body and the less arm mucsle veins:
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