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  1. MannDesFriedens

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    I WAS using Vortex!! Now 'I am in love' with Mod Organizer 2! Vortex sorts the mods and asks what to do (automatic sorting the installed mods (not the plugins) or manual sorting (eg 'before', 'after')). I am installing everything new via mo2 - WITH YOUR GREAT HELPFUL GUIDES. You helped me to like mo2. So, to 'come back' to my bodytalk and AAF problems here, i'll do it after i've installed every thing new and report to you.
  2. MannDesFriedens

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    What does it mean 'higher priorities conflicts'? What did I wrong? Which overlay did you mean??
  3. MannDesFriedens

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    I agree with you. There are many many thousands of nude/sexual mods for female characters and heterosexuals (F_M). No one wants to support male characters or M_M only nude/sexual mods. That's why almost all nude/sexual mods do not work properly on gay male characters. Or the male characters act like women because of the used mod scripts that were made for females / 'transformed' from F to M). Sorry, that I to disturb you again. I have that problem again with the monstrous penis, after I installed the kinky theme animations. Like earlier, men have normal erect penises when they are NOT in AAF animation scenes. As soon as I start AAF sexual animations they have monstrous dicks. Even so I installed every AAF and related/required mods again (after my installation guide here), nothing works. (I have installed your Ultimate patch last then the gay sounds, but nothing works) Here are EIGHT screenshots with the AAF error messages (German-English). And now the screenshot with the monstrous penis (I started new game, so another character):
  4. MannDesFriedens

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    That's good news and I hope that you'll do it asap. I have already installed cum overlays: Polistero's cumnwealth patches base (.esp) Polistero's cumnwealth overlays human (.esp) cumshot particles v1 (.nif files) cumsuite preview 2 (.nif files) washout that cum (.esl) I read in NM and LL forums that these cum shots/overlays work only for female (like always!!!). To make them on male characters too I have to edit many .xml files but it's only for mod makers.
  5. MannDesFriedens

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    See the screenshot 1 what I meant. Works fine like I said before. All males have well-groomed body hair with 4K Hairy Body for men for Victoriam Line. Screenshot 1: I followed your instructions, installed all AAF-related mods either new (from NM and LL sites) or re-installed existing files. Here is the -step-by-step installation (EXACTLY followed this installation order). Followed an3k's guide here: AN3K's AAF comprehensive Installation Guide on LL Everything works fine now. Erection in sexual intercourse scenes, masturbating with erect penis, NO monstrous dicks, NO 'destroyed' man meat. But there is still a problem: I do not see any sperm (drops). What am I doing wrong or do I have to do?? My step-by-step guide: Main mod (AAF): 01 Advanced Animation Framework (Beta 93) Themes: 02 AAF Basic Animations Theme 03 AAF Vanilla Sex Animations Theme Body: 04 Zaz Extended Skeleton (ZEX) 05 Zaz Extended Skeleton (Zex) Zex TestPlugin 06 CBP Phyics for f4 fse 0.6.17 07 ZCBP CBP Configs for ZeX Bodies (BT2) (ZeX ZCBP) 08 BodyTalk v2 - The Extended Skeleton Edition (TBOS BodyTalk2) 09 Victoriam Line - Male Body's Alternative Textures )FOMOD) (installed 4k) 10 Hairy Men for Victoriam Line (4k) Poses: 11 Davethedrunk presents Dave's Poses 12 Rohzima Real Animated Poses 13 Thrax's Action Poses 14 Thrax's Action Poses - TAP AAF Patch for TAP 1.31 15 UPC - Unisex Pose Collection 16 Release 50 Shades 16a Rlease 50 Shades Fluid Patch 17 Atomic Lust (2.6.1b) Non-AAF related settlement stuff mods: 18 Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resouce (8.51) (AWKCR) 19 Homemaker (1.72) 20 Settlement Objects Expansion Pack - All DLC 21 Settlement Supplies Expanded - SSEX for SKE users 22 Settlement Keywords Expanded (1.60) 23 Better Vendor Stalls 24 2k (plain) Lovers Luxury Bed (without mag/bra/cuffs) animations: 25 Bp70 fo4 Sex Animations (2.1.1) 26 Crazy Animations (Mod Organizer Gun Version) (3.11.17) 27 Fo4 Animations by Leito (2.0a) 28 Four-play animations by crazy (1.3) 29 SavageCabbage Animations Pack (FOMOD) (1.0.4) 30 Four-Play Animations by Crazy 1.3 - Temporary Patch YOUR patch 31 Ultimate AAF Patch (1.15) Gay Sounds (DELETED all sounds fodlers from animations folders (Leito, Savage etc) (in the game's DATA folder): 32 Gay Sounds for 50 Shades 33 Gay Sounds for bp70 34 Gay Sounds for Leito Animations 35 Gay Sounds for Savage Cabbage It was annoying to hear in gay sexual animations females voices! So I deleted all that voices from the folders (before I saw THIS site). But now I followed your instructions and deleted these sounds (folders) installed your(gay sound)s only. INFO: 01a Uninstalled Polistero's and One Patch That Rules and AJ xml mods. 02a Installed/reinstalled/overwritten all above mods NEW, mostly downloaded from NM and LL sites again (with newer version). By the way, Vortex did clean un-installation from game's data folder - no leftovers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And now some hardcore screenshots! Big thanks for your help @Ulfberth. Dude, you did a good job with your ultimate patch for gay men. There are so many so called gay mod that are made for female characters first then for males and they do not work properly on males.
  6. MannDesFriedens

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    Got it. I will then uninstall the other two patches then install ONLY yours. But I think I should install AAF and all it's requirement (like BodyTalk v2) completely new then your ultimate patch. By the way, I have installed Victoriam Line male textures also. I had NO problem earlier with BodyTalk v2. There was just the problem with hairy male body (Victoriam's 4k HD hairy body). When I accepted Vortex' suggestion (in the MOD installation section) to load it AFTER BodyTalk the males had no hairy body but when I changed it to BEFORE Bodytalk they had hair on bodies. I installed The One Patch That Rules from Nexus site not from Loverslab. LL has same patch but with different name in the title. I understand now. I will avoid to 'copy and paste' manual installation. What will happen to already copied .xml files AFTER ? I will do it as soon as possible then play the game and see what will happen then come back here later. Thank you again, @Ulfberth.
  7. MannDesFriedens

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    Hello, @Ulfberth, and thank you for your quick answer. What should I do now if I've downloaded wrong .xml files? Download again from your Private Club? Already accepted your invite and I will look around. Now, I've another problem (after I copied your .xml files to game's Data AND to MOD folder of Vortex. There is now problem window of AAF that stays there and I can not open AAF nor make it disappear that window. See the screenshot below. Some information in German that says these Leito_MM files are deleted because of position errors. The actors have erect dicks but NOT when it came to animations. They have erection while NOT in an AAF animation (before I copied your .xml files and now after that).
  8. MannDesFriedens

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    Hello, everyone. I have big HUMAN MALE sex animations problems with Advanced Animation Framework and TBOS BodyTalk v2. [I do not install nor I use any female/animal/creature-related nude/sexual mods. I also do not play as a female character - always as a male]. I followed the instructions by an3k's (Loverslab) loverslab guide by an3k and installed the AAF-related mods via Vortex. I also have some comments/threads on this site about my problems. My user name is ManOfFreedom. But somehow the animations do not work properly/correctly. I get always get issues, errors and problems. The penis is not there where it has to be, the penis is "gone" (the part looks like a vagina), or the penis is extremely monstrous (see the screenshot); or the penis is not erect in sexual intercourse or masturbating posing/animations; and I never see sperm on male characters' bodies. I have downloaded the ready-to-use .xml files made by @Ulfberth but it did not help (or I forgot to download all files, or I installed in the wrong place in the game's data folder). I am a beginner with using mods in-games and that's why I try to get help to learn how to install mods, sort them and use them in-game.. Here is my load order sorted by Vortex: I found this site (this forum thread) when I was looking for helps on the Internet. I am new on this site and this is my first post here, by the way.