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  1. just wanted to know if this is possible or if anyone could make a body preset (the Oblique muscles only) please and thank you.
  2. A SIMS 4 MOD THIS MOD DOSE NOT BELONG TO ME, all rights belong to CMAR MorphingPenisSliders hi guys. found this mod and i love the idea BUT wish it still works. Can any one fix this mod or complete it? all files go with this mod some files don't work together thanks to vector for the fun you can have with xcom 2 cmar_MorphingPenisMaleCutV2.package cmar_MorphingPenisMaleUncutV2.package cmar_NippleTopFemale.package cmar_NudeBottomFemale.package cmar_MorphingPenisFemaleV2.package cmar_MorphingPenisSliders.package
  3. I all so had a question. The GTS will only let me gain muscle witch is fine but i also want to gain the other abilities my soldiers can get but it looks like xsoldier replaced it for the gain weight so i cant get those abilities at all. Can someone fix this? Or make mod that let me do both! Please and thank u
  4. hi victor nice to meet you.

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