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  1. Ramsekreuz Xhouz - My current look and of course he is a dark elf as always...😐

    2020-03-15 13_00_25-Skyrim.png

  2. Xhalz - Dark elf -  Vampire hunter. "You mentioned vampires?... Why don't you sit down and calmly tell me everything that happened.."


    It's funny because I always find myself becoming a vampire instead of killing them xDDDD! I hate humanity sadly.

    2019-11-18 12_18_46-Skyrim.png

  3. My snow elf  who joined the vampires.

    2019-11-18 18_19_53-Skyrim.png

    2019-11-18 18_19_54-Skyrim.png

  4. Yes I just figured it out after reading about it in the refitting for guide for SAM. Thank you and thanks for replying. ?
  5. Oh wow awesome photos, you got pieces of the BB clothes to be compatible with SAM and it looks so cool & sexy with it! Edit: just ignore that question lol I figured it out
  6. Wow finally something i can try getting into. Thank you so much for this guide! ???
  7. Another Dark Elf look i found to be attractive oh and that's Albert a follower whos company I enjoy. He comes with his own custom armor which looks really nice on him and he uses magic as well. ?

    2019-11-18 12_10_04-Skyrim.png

    2019-11-18 18_19_53small-Skyrim.png

  8. Dark Elf - Vampyr - Xulius Kreuz

    An ale & blood drinking devil ? planning to find only the finest quality of a living blood bag from a young male?.. I need some sexy vampire male X male animations xd

    2019-11-18 18_19_53-Skyrim.png

  9. Will you let me be your knight??



  10. Great and unique mod! But when i try to dress a follower their penis is showing through all the clothes ? idk what could cause this...
  11. Warrior - Xho Kreuz (before he was a vampire) - Snowfall Weathers ENB



  12. My vampire Redguard character (Shou Drak Kreuz) and Alyosha follower but I turned him into my pet ??
  13. imageproxy.php?img=&key=c507f61aa64ee1f7 Xhou Kreuz - DarkElf Vampire - I really like this skin (DCE) but if only it was for SAM ?


    WoodElf- Xhijou- SAM - Male Face Textures (my favorite skin for the SAM)

    Male Face Texure SAM.PNG

    WooldElf - Xhijou - SAM with SAM HD textures.


    Xhijou x Hubert - Wasou for men (Kimono)?? in my opinion it fits SAM Light body just fine.


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