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  1. i dont think there is a fix for that unless you edit the mod yourself until then i think you can use the gay textures (chameleon) instead, its less noticable Btw, sexy argonian you have there
  2. Hey guys, I'd like to share some screenshots too but if i take them with the print screen button, they end up too dark How do you guys take them, to look like in game, because in game, the brightness is at the maximum Or what do you edit your screenshots in, to end up clear and bright enough?
  3. I figured out how to make this mod work without having dark textures, very often And I'm pleased of how my argonian looks like, I roleplay as a nudist and this mod makes him look even more natural and like he enjoys his own body,and I even take screenshots for my friends and they seem to like them, thanks for this mod Render
  4. well, alright but right now i cant buy the special edition, for different reasons, thanks anyway
  5. floppy sos is giving me a lot of trouble, it crashes the game a lot, mostly after loading, now after trying to change the floppyness too i saw 2 mods but it either said that it's for SE or the other one was for SAM 1.6 or something, so if you know any mod that works on LE and on the most recent version of SAM too, please tell me
  6. does it work with LE too, because floppy sos became very unstable in my game, if not, does anyone know any mod that adds physics, besides floppy sos
  7. I really wanna try and make it, I've been thinking about it for a while, as i said, I didn't even begin
  8. Thank you guys ^^ 💙 Yeah, Well at least gargoyles have smoother skin when not sleeping, hehe And I'll try to make the male characters, if it's possible, in a way Like, create a new race like argonian, take it's model and just rename It and remodel the body and skeleton, so it doesn't conflict/interfere with SAM
  9. Im thinking about creating some quest and new land mod for skyrim, I haven't even started or planned a lot of things yet but I'm thinking about some male characters and creatures (like gargoyles or something) to be modeled nude by default (like have genitals and a better looking body) And since nexus and loverslab prefer females, I would get a lot of hate for sure, and now you cannot even delete your mods anymore from nexus, so i hope I can upload it here, for people who can appreciate male nudity too, and quest mods of course.
  10. hmm...might try it, it might be better than floppy sos (yes it works with SAM too)
  11. Thank you, ill check out that enb function, but it might not be there because the enb i used,came with everything, like i didn't need to install enb first and then that preset Sorry for my English
  12. Another little question, how do you guys have your screenshots look so good/exactly what you see in the game, when i take screenshots and i find them, they either look too dark, or the enb isn't so visible (i have nothing heavy but still) What am i doing wrong or what program are you using? Im asking because i wanna take some screenshots and share them too
  13. What armor is that? Is it for oldrim too?and does it fit on an argonian?
  14. for some reason, the mod doesnt work for me, or im seeing no difference, what am i doing wrong?
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