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  1. Yes indeed it is, sorry I didn't clarify in my first post.
  2. Hi, nice armour over all but I seem to be having a bit of an issue. When crouching my vision is obscured by what looks like some of my character's back mesh being forced infront of my face, specifically this occures when I have the main armour (not the overcoat) equiped, as when I unequip it I can see normally again.
  3. Now I am a dapper Orc ❤️
  4. I need to work on the lighting, but, Orcs. ♥️ Edit: I should probably include the nude version too
  5. Kraan

    Skyrim Guys (NSFW)

    A collection of my Skyrim characters is various poses or situations, usually NSFW.
  6. Loving your Argonian there, great face and a greater body. What a hunk ?
  7. Messing about with body hair again. Here's a sample. More in my gallery (see link below).
  8. Oh yes, I had forgotten. Been to bed a few times since then, heh. Hopefully I'll get something presentable together this weekend. Probably only a simple replacement for the medium and higher hair levels. Then I'll see about an installer with some different options for people to choose from. We'll see hoe we go with that.
  9. I won't bore you with the specifics but yes they should work together. Although I personally don't use that mod so I can't confirm how well they will look together.
  10. Just a bit of an example. I'll see if I can get something together over the weekend by way of a download.
  11. If you're referring to my custom body hair textures then the reason you cant find them is because I haven't uploaded them yet. I keep meaning to organise them into an installer or some-such but never get around to it. I will do eventually, once I'm happy with them. And when I find the time an inclination to package them up.
  12. No no thank you. Now I have literally hundreds of new tattoo combinations to try
  13. Very nice view there! I'm curious where you got that chest tattoo from.
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