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  1. your first refit is leagues above my first refit, i still have nightmares about the stretched texture that made a baby face in the leather vest
  2. I wonder if it wasn't his lamp i had to rub for my wishes to come true
  3. my sleep schedule may be super trash, but hey, its worth being awake working on blender to sometimes see this kinda stuff
  4. there is a refit for bad dogs skimpy robes which has an underwear version (https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/101-sam-baddogs-skimpy-monk-robes-converted-to-sam/) there is also Kreis Armour of oblivion, which has a thong version https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/325-sse-kreis-armors-of-oblivion-mage-for-sam-light/ Most of my mage clothes personally is refits of other clothes (female mostly since in my opinion mage based outfits should not be bulky or heavy and most male mage outfits has you looking like the robot from doom patrol).
  5. i wonder if i should try to make one of these. how do you guys make these look so good?
  6. this reminds me of when one of my friends claimed to have taken most of the moby huge
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