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  1. Another big boy! Jack. He's got that hairy dad vibe And a big pair of low-hanging nuts. 💪
  2. Tobin; the little megalomaniac mechanic and his obsession with automatons
  3. smidgen

    Smidgen's Skyrim

    Somewhere to put all my random Skyrim shots so I don't take over the NSFW post entirely
  4. My beefiest guy yet. Meet Goran and his mighty muscle gut. He's also hung like a horse.
  5. Story time. It's Orc breeding season, so be careful where you go wondering in Skyrim. Adult images and sexual animations ahead:
  6. Sure I can upload a new version for you His hair is from this mod: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7768-hg-hairdos/ Don't forget the Realistic Teeth mod to avoid a CTD: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33117 Brutus NO FACE DIRT.jslot
  7. smidgen

    Exploring Byron

    Thanks Mikaakim. Byron didn't enjoy it quite as much 😈
  8. smidgen

    Exploring Byron

    A follow-up to Byron and Tobin's first story: https://vectorplexus.com/topic/1221-screenshot-showoff-thread-—-part-2/page/50/?tab=comments#comment-15818 This time, Byron agrees to more than he can handle.
  9. Just a quickie, a big chunky Argonian Here's some Brutus shots too, just because we all need a big hunky farm boy to stare at
  10. 💪KROM THE HALF ORC! 💪 Okay so I was actually just messing around with interior lighting settings, trying to set them up correctly. Krom just kept stealing my attention with his big muscles and cute little tusks. Oh, and his big Half Orc willy
  11. Late one night, while wondering the roads of Skyrim, you decide to enter a quiet little tavern. Inside it's rowdy and it looks like you'll have to fight your way to the bar. Once you struggle past the crowds of noisy patrons you notice a huge Orc blocking the way. You think about asking him to move over but before you do, you realise he's not wearing any clothes. His large Orc ass is hanging over the edges of the tiny barstool that looks like it can barely support his weight. You let out an audible gasp of shock and arousal, loud enough to be heard over the crowds of people. The Orc hears it too... He turns around and with a big smirk from tusk to tusk, he pushes his huge green dick between his legs and stares at you. The other patrons seem to ignore him while you stand transfixed at the sight of the buff Orc and his meaty member. His hefty pendulous balls swinging back and forth as he shakes his thick ass. The Orc sits back down and with a chuckle says: "Are you gonna buy me another drink or are you gonna suck this dick?" You stare blankly in amazement. Was he serious? But before you could think of anything to say, you find yourself on your knees in front of him with his beefy Orc dick hanging over you.
  12. Thanks Titi! I love seeing the tables turned on the big guys. I bet the little guy couldn't even lift Byron's legs for missionary Thanks Icy. The little guy's a devious little cutie ain't he
  13. Story time! Little lad Tobin has his eye on the new merc in town, the hunky Byron. If you want just sexy action scroll to the bottom. The first few pages are a little boring but there is animations and filth in the spoiler tag
  14. After a long day of adventuring, it's nice to find a meadow to have a little nap in with your big hunky boyfriend.
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