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  1. If Satyr's aren't your thing, here's the hunky Nord, Brynjar:
  2. Those playful little goat boys:
  3. smidgen

    Feet sinking below ground

    Hmm, maybe those were ECE sliders I was thinking of. I had a similar issue with racemenu. There were basically 2 sliders that did the same thing and the game got confused as to which ones it should load from.
  4. smidgen

    Feet sinking below ground

    Do you have 2 sets of body sliders? One under "body scales" and the other under just "body"?
  5. A little vignette called "Largo's Secret". Actually complete, no blue balls on this one. 💙
  6. Got a little more done. Ignore the major continuity error with the tattoos. Racemenu tats don't like load order changes and deleted themselves in the first 3 pages. You probably wouldn't have noticed had I not said but it bugged me Anyway here's 3 more pages.
  7. I'm trying out a new format, just keeping it kinda simple with basic panels for now. Maybe something will come of it or maybe it's just a one off, I dunno yet Only 3 page for now because it does take a while to make but I wanted to share this
  8. Thanks. He's my own creation I'm more than happy to upload a Racemenu preset of him. Hopefully he works and doesn't CTD. I use both Racemenu and ECE together when you're not really supposed to. Some people have said my presets don't work but they do for others. This is on a newer, cleaner install of the game so fingers crossed that problem is fixed Rogan Preset.jslot If you want his cute freckles it's this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/86208
  9. Largo the beefy cattle rancher: This excitable red head loves the attention he gets while working the ranch. Any excuse to strip down and play with his sweaty body: Very little work gets done...
  10. My big ol' demon plaything: He's a good boy... mostly 😈
  11. A story I'm just having fun with, nothing serious. Mostly just titillation 😘 It's called: Bounty Hunted. Chapter 1.
  12. They're based on the 3MW textures with a few tweaks of my own:
  13. Got a storyboard in the works but until then some handsome fellas to look at
  14. Haven't been around in a while, still mostly alive. Had my entire game break and had to try and salvage what I could. Some characters are lost forever, all saves broken and with it all the stories I was working on. Not all bad though, the game now loads in less than a century and crashes are few and far between. Swings and roundabout, I guess A taste of what I've been doing, nothing major, mostly trying to get the game up and running again. Hopefully it looks as good, if not better, than the old build I know, not great. But still a work in progress
  15. Eeek, a vagina 😧 I'm kidding, nice to see some more animated stuff. I recommend EZgif.com if you want a nice smooth framerate. Giphy is a little awkward to use, I feel