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  1. Just a heads up; I'm not notified when someone comments on one of my albums only when someone reacts to them. If you have a question about mods I use or anything else ,throw me a PM so I'm notified. :) cheers!

    1. sh1ny


      Or nudge our dear @ smidgen like that, works too.

    2. smidgen


      That works too :) 

      Thanks again for the autoplay info and the added muted function. I did see it but it was like 3am and I really had to force myself to bed, so I didn't respond  :P

    3. sh1ny


      Nice to know! 😀

      It’s OK, you don’t have to explain yourself!

      Looking forward to the new era of gifs vids!

      excited the hills GIF

  2. The Bone Hawk Clan: (contains nsfw images and sexual GIFS) More below: It's a bit of a long one so just scroll to the bottom if you want the sexy times
  3. Thanks Darnexx! Although most of my stories revolve around naked hunks and butts 🍑
  4. The boys will definitely have more adventures outside of the cult for sure. I've grown fond of the pair of 'em Thanks, Mikaakim ❤️
  5. smidgen

    The Old Gods Arise Part 4 Final

    Palsis and Hunter's adventure draws to a close but not before one final jolt of power.
  6. Daryl said he doesn't believe in spirits and so he ignored all of his friends warnings about the abandoned house in Whiterun. I dunno, this is really ducking stupid. 🙃
  7. smidgen

    The Old Gods Arise Part 3

    The unlikely duo venture deeper into the dungeons and make a wild discovery.
  8. I don't usually do lore unfriendly stuff but I had fun with this. I was also testing out a new pose so I used it on three different characters. Lazy! 😴 Kruger: More nonsense:
  9. Arlo loves training with Devran as his spotter. I wonder why?
  10. smidgen

    The Old Gods Arise Part 2

    Still with no real idea of why the the strange cult captured the unlikely pair, Hunter and Palsis continue their journey through the dungeons.
  11. Love him ❤️ Well, of course I do, he's a hunk 😍
  12. I know I say this so often that it's lost all meaning but... I really love my new guy. Sven, body of a mortal, soul of a Norse god! I've actually tried to give him a proportionate manhood, more akin to real life. Naughty Norse Nudes:
  13. Another new guy and I kinda love him ❤️ No name for him yet. 🤔 Nudies below:
  14. Something mostly SFW from me for a change Hunter and his newly acquired little Elf friend; Palsis. The Elf really wanted to go mushroom picking so the big boy was dragged along, much to his bemusement. After an hour or so the spores began to have an effect on the big man's mind:
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