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  1. What a lucky little Elf Palsis is, a hunky Orc all to himself. 💚
  2. smidgen

    No Land For Bad Orcs

    Orcs are not known for respecting boundaries so when Balthor trespasses on the land of powerful Elf wizard Palsis, his best best was not to pick a fight.
  3. I'll share here just in case anyone else is interested. The flower crown is from the Ophelia mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/79127 The shoulders are from the Divine Elegance mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81073 Warning, huge 1.4gb mod. Hrovmir and his pal Olgardt were heading on a friends day out but things didn't quite go to plan. Contains sexual images and animations More in spoiler:
  4. Hrovmir the hunky huntsman. 🏹 I was gonna write some fancy words but he speaks for himself 😘 Big Viking meat below:
  5. Feelin' mean, so here's some tease shots of Domaric and Balthor. 😈
  6. Did a little work on one of my older characters. Olgardt had himself a little remodel Spoilers for nudies
  7. Thanks, Aquilles. Although no need for any admiration, I'm just some dude playing Skyrim like everyone else
  8. Thanks Fenrir! Even though he's a demon that probably wants to consume my soul... I think I'd still worship him 😈 He's a big one, with muscles I can really get behind. 🥰
  9. A bit of a dark one. Let's call it an early Halloween It may be a little hard to read for any non fluent English speaker so I added a nice nude shot at the end Zane, a man often lost in a world of idle fantasy, began wondering about his intimate friend; Karok, known only to him as "Big Red". A being like no other in Skyrim, Red's an ominous figure of ambiguous form and of even more ambiguous motivation. With skin as fiery red as the evening sun, he glistens and shines with a veneer of sweat from the near perpetual heat that emanates from within him. Although he knows him well, Zane is still sure that Red is hiding a near infinite amount of secrets. Zane, ever intrigued by his sultry friend, had been pestering the demon to allow him a glimpse of his true power. Big Red having accidentally let slip that he was able to transfer some degree of his magic to others, some weeks ago while heavily intoxicated. The little man refused to give up, insisting that he be the one to share Red's magical knowledge, Zane still being slightly bitter that he is unable to cast even the most rudimentary of spells despite being a Breton. The demon capitulated, letting out a sigh of defeat and begrudgingly began to focus on his overly willing participant. Red firmly grasped the back of Zane's head and let out a euphoric moan. Zane immediately felt an overwhelming sense of dread fill his body. His eyes aglow, the distant flicker of demonic whispers began gnawing at the inside of his head. The voices seemed to call to him but the words were indecipherable. More in spoiler:
  10. That's a bit of Photoshop trickery by me, I'm afraid. I take 2 shots, 1 with clothes and 1 without. Then I composite them together and use the warp tool. Would be a cool mod but impossibly hard to implement, I imagine.
  11. A little story called "Collar and Cuff". Starring Kruger and Russell. Contains sexual images and animations More in the spoiler:
  12. It's been a while since I've been around so here's something to prove some signs of life
  13. Just a heads up; I'm not notified when someone comments on one of my albums only when someone reacts to them. If you have a question about mods I use or anything else ,throw me a PM so I'm notified. :) cheers!

    1. sh1ny


      Or nudge our dear @ smidgen like that, works too.

    2. smidgen


      That works too :) 

      Thanks again for the autoplay info and the added muted function. I did see it but it was like 3am and I really had to force myself to bed, so I didn't respond  :P

    3. sh1ny


      Nice to know! 😀

      It’s OK, you don’t have to explain yourself!

      Looking forward to the new era of gifs vids!

      excited the hills GIF

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