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  1. Thought I'd finish this. The New Landowners:
  2. Would he really kick the poor guy out without any clothes 😈 If Skyrim hadn't have crashed I'd have your answer but it give me less to have to Photoshop in one go, I guess. Now I can have a little break and continue later
  3. Yet another story I'm working on. The New Landowners:
  4. Tobin: the nervous lad in the white scarf.
  5. Karok - Lord of romance and crushing skulls. A few nudies:
  6. This is why you never trust a demon, even if they are devilishly handsome Using their ability to cross dimensions to make Zane look like a crazy person
  7. A little character piece that I dreamt about last night. Thought it was a fun idea to make real
  8. Thank you ❤️ I think I just need more time to figure out how to get the colours and lighting right
  9. Thank you ❤️ I'm usually not that critical of my shots, I think it's the enb. I don't know how to use it effectively
  10. These turned out pretty fucking awful, I really hate them, but I'll be damned if I throw away the time I spent doing them lol
  11. Stefan the half Hill Giant. Even more NSFW:
  12. Karok; making evil sexy: All Zane wanted was a little fun but demons don't always understand humans:
  13. That's one hell of a kink in his willy. If he throws it; it'll come back like a boomerang Fun shots and fun character too. Like his elf ears.
  14. Arthur the beefy, redheaded druid.
  15. Eli the temperamental young Orc. He's at the stage in an orc's life when he can't control his anger and is constantly looking for a mate. NSFW