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  1. Captain Teagan's origin story and how he became a captain: Music to help set the atmosphere:
  2. Captain Bartholomew L. Teagan, a salty seadog and scourge of the waters. He's currently sitting pretty on a shipment of mead, one that he stole from a cargo freighter heading to Solitude. His criminal acts of piracy won't go unnoticed but for now he gets to enjoy his spoils. The sheer amount of mead he's consumed will only add to his enormity not to mention his muscular gut.
  3. I can tell you how I create my followers but it sounds like you've already got one set up. All of my guys just use the default SAM body and I add the morphs in game, including penis morphs. I don't know how to create a custom body for them unfortunately so I can't help there.
  4. Demon Domestication: Red tries his best to tame the wild new demon; Favlos.
  5. An idea for a demon character called Favlos. He's younger and spunkier that my other demons and overall just a kinky little beast. He's still a WIP so things will change or, more likely, he'll be scrapped entirely if I can't get him how I want him 😮 He needs a better nose ring for a start! My general idea is that he wonders Skyrim looking for hunky men to punish and make their asses red with his triple riding crop: 3 asses at once!
  6. Something a little silly. A quick set I call: Snake Eyes. 🎲🎲 Bresby is having a serious losing streak!
  7. It's this mod, but I don't think there is one for SE yet
  8. Rorik: Dragon Slayer. More Below (nsfw animated GIFS)
  9. He's kinda available already for LE. Although he's called Alfie instead of Rorik.
  10. Rorik: Beefy, muscled, hunky dragon slayer!
  11. A SFW set. Sorry if that's boring. I might do a followup to it with some more 'fun' scenes
  12. The face shape is also wrong though. That's not what Kruger looks like normally. The hair is also vanilla so I'm not sure why it's missing.
  13. Ah, that armor mod is for SE. I've never used SE so I have no idea how to make my followers work for it. Most people here use it though, but hmm, I have no idea where to start to fix that.
  14. You have to use the Sculpt tab in Racemenu and select the mouth part for editing. Then use the 'Move' slider to physically move his teeth into the right shape. Set the radius to 0.1 and falloff and mirror to 0. It's super awkward and will most likely take you many tries to get it right. Good luck
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