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  1. Not too many mods. Racemenu for the skin colour and face shape then TDN Equipable Horns for the goat horns. His armour is in the download section on this site
  2. My two handsome boys: Jorik and Henrik. Boring shot but someone asked if I would share a Racemenu preset. Place the files in Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins/Chargen/Presets. Jorik: https://jumpshare.com/v/m6dclLiihtTlsxUKlN7s Henrik: https://jumpshare.com/v/T8er53EbsomCvLU6L64i They have custom modded hair, these shots will tell you their requirements. Top left in green text.
  3. The boys are in town and ready for some action: Sexy comes in all different sizes
  4. I like him but I think I like Richard more. Although if Ethan can persuade him to become a nudist too, I'd be happy
  5. I was just experimenting with lighting in the darkness. Speaking of experimenting, Luther and Henrik do a little experimenting of their own. A bit of liquid courage: The taste of a testosterone fuelled man mountain: Tangled Beards: Not very interesting nude shots: (more of an after thought)
  6. As long as he met someone nice like Henrik and not someone terrifying like Karok or Devran. Especially don't show Devran that riding crop ?
  7. Haha, got a little excited on that last one
  8. A little bit of fantasy with my new guy Devran. (Very nsfw and explicit language)
  9. I like his face. Manly but still a little bit boyish
  10. Devran Dark. Honour bound behemoth. Faithful only to his Jarl.
  11. Um, sure. He's not as good as the shots make him look but why not. A preset's easy to do https://jumpshare.com/v/bYJD1Y7ylG2YAIN0pjdf
  12. Yeah, I noticed that problem too. My solution was to remove the jockstrap in the nif so I could replace it with any underwear I wanted: Still has a little bit of clipping though because it morphs the body slightly for some reason ?
  13. Me too, his nose is my favourite feature of his. That's why I went with so many side shots and added the piercing to draw attention to it :D