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  1. Velvet Careers - Woohoo Worker Mod

    Howdy! I'm working on a woohoo worker mod for sims 4 and I need testers!! It's currently in alpha so it's not feature complete and you should not test on your main save! Test on a clean save your okay might break. You can report bugs, feature requests or question here. You can also do so on my discord: https://discord.gg/k6YaNnJJ
    Rabbithole career with 2 tracks Freelance career (no gigs yet) You can go on "Dates" with clients either by soliciting them or by being solicited (the main objective is to woohoo) WW integration, you can initiate WW sex animations to complete dates The rabbithole career, freelance career or a WW dancer can all go on dates More coming, feature requests are welcome 
    What state is the mod in?
    What should I know about alpha builds?
    Alpha builds are unstable. Only test them on a clean save. Do not test on your main save.
    Do I need an additional mods to use Velvet Careers?
    No, however, there is optional Wicked Whims integration.
    What if I find a bug?
    Post it here or on discord https://discord.gg/k6YaNnJJ
    What if I have a suggestion or feature request?
    Post it here or on discord https://discord.gg/k6YaNnJJ
    What if I have a general question about Velvet Careers? 
    Post it here or on discord https://discord.gg/k6YaNnJJ
    How do I ask someone on a date?
    You must be a Freelance Escort, a Woohoo Worker, or a Dancer at a Wicked Whims strip club. You use the Velvet Careers pie menu to offer services and start a date.
    How do I complete date objectives?
    You can use the options in the Velvet Careers pie menu if you don't want romance points for the interaction. Or, you can use options in the Romance pie menu if you do want romance points for the interaction.
    How do I "Satisfy You Client" or "Satiate Your Desire"?
    Woohoo in a double bed or use a Wicked Whims animation anywhere.
    Known Issues:
    Sims can't get through locked Velvet Careers doors WW animations don't always complete the main goal Resolved in alpha 07  
    Planned Features:
    Make Woohoo Worker a Semi-Active Career Add gigs for Freelance Escort Add additional situation goals to dates Add Wicked Whims support for "Satisfy Your Client"/"Satiate Your Desire" date goal Add a user submitted photos for the career page (It'll be a contest!)  


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  2. [SE] Mr.Mister's KSO Revealing Patch

    Mr.Mister's Kreiste's Skimpy Outfits Revealing Patch
    If you like the D and you wanna see it as much as possible well this is the patch for you. Kreiste made some wonderful skimpy outfits, and I went and ruined enhanced a handful of them to always show a shlong. You don't need Kreiste's originals to use this patch, all the required meshes are included. And just like the originals, these are compatible with any texture replacer you have for vanilla outfits. The one dependency is SavrenX's SAM/SOS patch in order to see your the schlongs. I've also included the Body Slide/Outfit Studio files if you'd like to build only individual outfits. Also, also, included is an ESP (Flagged as ESL) to automatically turn on SOS for each outfit. (If an outfit isn't showing a schlong automatically or it is and it shouldn't, let me know.)
    SavrenX Schlong of SAM Light  
    Important Notes:
    I didn't make everyone of his outfits revealing just the ones that were easy to edit. Below is a list of the armors included. These are replacers meaning you'll see schlongs for NPCs too. Unfortunately, these don't support LE/Oldrim. I don't have that version of Skyrim I can't/couldn't test there. The bodies are all "normal", that is not high poly and without HDT so the performance impact should be minimal. I consider this patch feature complete: I won't be adding to it as I have other projects in the works. But I'll fix any bugs you find if I am able to.  
    Original Armors:
    Kreis' Skimpy Outfits - Clothing Redux Kreis' Skimpy Outfits - Heavy Armor Redux Kreis' Skimpy Outfits - Light Armor Redux  
    Included Armors:
    Arch Mage Blades Armor Daedric Armor Dark Brotherhood Armor (Sleeveless) Dark Brotherhood Armor Dark Brotherhood Robe Dragonbone Armor Dragonscale Armor Draugr Armor Dwarven Armor Ebony Armor Ebony Mail Elven Armor - Heavy Elven Armor - Light Emperor Farmer 03 - Extras Farmer 03 Fine Clothes Forsworn Fur Armor 01 Fur Armor 02 Fur Armor 03 Fur Armor 04 Glass Armor Hide Armor - Heavy Chief Hide Armor - Heavy Hide Armor - Light Hide Armor - Medium Iron Armor - Heavy Iron Armor - Light Jester Mage Apprentice Mage Journeyman Merchant Miner Mythic Dawn Nightingale Nord Plate Armor Orcish Armor Psijic Robes Redguard Sheogorath Steel Armor - Heavy Steel Armor - Light Studded Armor Thalmor Robes Thieves Guild Armor - Leader.jpg Thieves Guild Armor - Variant Thieves Guild Armor


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