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  1. If you don't want to use CK then I'm pretty sure it's doable with the Dynamic Animations Replacer skse plugin by Felisky10 as well. Good luck, OP.
  2. If it shows a different head texture in RaceMenu you have to make a completely new head part for that custom race with KL's head.
  3. I prefer Sam Light because of how lightweight is and doesn't require a ton of more normal maps and texture editing.
  4. Will this ever have a chance to be compatible with LE?
    Coming back again to say you are truly a godsend. Thanks so much for everything you do and have done KL. 😄 🥰
  5. Can this also work with Sam Light?
  6. Is there a way to get SAM (can be Light or Full) to bend up and down like SOS for SexLab? I wanted to do that because I sometimes like to make gifs/videos, but also cuz muh immersion!
  7. @KouLeifoh Thank you for responding! Also if it's not too tedious to ask, is it possible for someone to do this themselves with ECE? Or does ECE have so many custom tri files that it's just overall not recommended?
  8. Is there a simple way to use this to convert low poly follower heads to this HP head version via 3dsMax? Or do you just recommend going from scratch? Sorry, my meshing is noob level. ><
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