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  1. Hi Ulfberth, I have an issue i just downloaded the new UAP Github version and installed all the other requirements. however every time I load up my game the AAF load percentage gets stuck at 30% i waited and waited, but nothing. i'm using vortex by the way.
  2. hey really cool mod. question are you planning on doing light armor II too or are you still going to continue the old one?
  3. Hey mo worries i had the same problem uninstall and install the mod then what i would do is soft load the game while you are in the main menu before you do anything. go into console commands "coc qasmoke" just run around the dev room until all you're plugins are loaded. then just load up you're save and boom.
  4. ok i just wanted to make sure because i have the same issue. just wanted to make sure it wasn't happening to me only
  5. did you download the recent version 3.0 with all the requirements?
    Really good job. this makes kaidan more sexy. i know some people will prefer his old face but i like this one and the addition of scars just makes it even more sexy. this mod is literally the reason i downloaded the kaiden mod to begin with very cool character, interesting story plot line, and even more sexy. thank you for giving us this mod.
  6. Hi me again the issue is still going on. not as notable tho. i downloaded the newer version with the scars and clipping is still going on. if you want i can try to take a better picture these are not that good lol. tried to time it i not really good at taking screenshots. by the way nice addition of the scars makes him more sexy.
  7. hey the face goes purple every time i load up the game i have the kaidan mod installed along with sam. i don't know if we have to install it manually or we can use a mod manager to install. are there any compatibility issues we should know about?
  8. @Ulfberth This mod is amazing. due to the fact that you actually have a lot of refits. most of Bodytalk refits are gone and i'm bored of having no variety for my male characters. hey will you be making a butt slider? that would amazing!
  9. A problem c install i think its the path and directory because i have all of my fallout 4 mods on the c drive and it tells me the file name is too long it must be less then 260 characters and directory name must be less than 248 characters.
  10. hi im downloading the mod NMM but every time i download it goes up to 50% and then an error happens i disabled all of my mods to see if that would work but nothing. can you help?
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