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  1. I've been playing LWOTC for a few weeks now and love it. I haven't hit too many bugs, but I am concerned that Xsoldier may be interfering with promoting my soldiers between Gunnery Sargent and Master Sargent. I'm told there's a lot of XP needed to be gained between GS and MS, but I am also worried that since the original campaign had one fewer rank than LWOTC that my soldiers cannot achieve Master with Xsoldier running. Has anyone achieved MS while Xsoldier is running?
  2. Dude. Please post more. So lucky that you have the latest Xsoldier mod!
  3. Learned how to debug toggle the camera on the Avenger. Game Changer.
  4. TLP's added personalities rock. Love Smug and Cocky!
  5. Hi, I recently bough the TLP expansion and want to play through the campaign mode featuring Bradford. I am wondering if there's a way to customize Bradford's appearance and the fellow soldiers. I see you can import the soldiers to the character pool, but I am lost in how I can link them back to the campaign when I customize their appearances. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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