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  1. Learned how to debug toggle the camera on the Avenger. Game Changer.
  2. TLP's added personalities rock. Love Smug and Cocky!
  3. Hi, I recently bough the TLP expansion and want to play through the campaign mode featuring Bradford. I am wondering if there's a way to customize Bradford's appearance and the fellow soldiers. I see you can import the soldiers to the character pool, but I am lost in how I can link them back to the campaign when I customize their appearances. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. How do you manage to get those angles at the home base? I can only seem to zoom in to a certain amount.
  5. It's a shame about Vector, for sure, but I would love to see more screenshots posted by those who are fortunate to have the latest mods, and even those who do not.
  6. Anyone have any more screenshots to share? Or videos/gifs? Greatly appreciated!
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