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  1. Ok, finally managed to test it fully. It works on NPCs and third person view, but there is a weird issue with first person view which is not a big deal since you only see it looking straight down. I have a screenshot. Anyways, I don't plan on wearing it, so again not a big deal to me. Just letting you know. Oh, and my save game not loading, that is a Sim Settlement issue which is fixed now. Thanks for working on this! The Reavers most appreciate it
  2. They are called Disciples Wrapped Left Arm (baseID xx026bb4) and Disciples Wrapped Right Arm (baseID xx026bb2). I believe the meshes are these: DLC04\Armor\Disciples\DLC04_Armor_Disciples_Lite01_ArmRight_M.nif DLC04\Armor\Disciples\DLC04_Armor_Disciples_Lite01_ArmLeft_M.nif
  3. Ok, now I can't load the save in that settlement, but I did get a screenshot of the issue. Its like the mesh is flinging itself off my arms and streaking away at light speed. This picture but times twenty in a settlement and its like a disco party. I'm using SS Conquerors and the Reavers faction, though I think its a mesh issue not a SS one? The Reavers just use the Disciples gear.
  4. This is my favorite male body replacer but I have run into an issue. The Disciples Wrapped left and right arms are broken somehow. Weird lines streak out across the screen and disco light flash all over the place. It doesn't crash or anything, just looks freaky with a settlement full of raiders. Is there a way I can fix that?
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