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  1. Anyone want to attempt making some of SunJeong's outfits for males?

  2. Hey, for anyone interested in making armor or weapons, go ahead and check out the phone game: Darkness Rises. They have some beautiful costumes and such that I think would look amazing in Skyrim!

  3. Thank you for the reply KouLeifoh. I do have another question, if I may. In the folder when I open it up, I cannot find the malebody_0.nif or the malebody_1.nif in the SAM Light (SE required meshes) folder. It has everything else in there but that. Would you know where to find it? I need the meshes to replace COTR's body meshes.
  4. I'm trying to get SAM Light, SAM Light Texture Addon, and COTR to work and I end up with black hands, crimson skin, and weird clubbed feet. The head is fine because I have the SAM Light patch for COTR. Copied/overwrote meshes/textures where it said to and I end up with what I described above. Surprisingly, it's only my character that looks like this. All the NPC look fine, though they have the clubbed foot going on too for some reason. Can someone please help me with this? Thank you for your time and God bless.
  5. This may be an odd question, but do I need Race Compatibility mod for this? Charmers of the Reach needs one and it's a high poly body, face and hair mod from Nexus. Would have having this and SAM Light Texture Addon, plus High Poly Head make this a different character race? Thank you for your time.
  6. These look awesome! I cannot wait for the rest! As for these, I'm gonna try them out now. You are seriously so talented. Thank you for the hard work you put into all of these outfits.
  7. Trying to get this to work and I cannot. Did as the instruction say and my game won't load with the esp checked in NMM. Can you please help me? Thank you.
  8. I cannot wait for this!! Thank you for your awesome and amazing work!! ❤️
  9. I use NMM and I did place your mod below this one. Still won't show up. Not quite sure what I did wrong tbh. But thank you for the advice.
  10. Hello, I have downloaded this mod, but they don't show up. I have Kreiste's Skimpy Clothing Redux too, and it's overwriting them I think. I just don't know how to get them show up without deleting the whole mod. Can you help me please? Thank you.
  11. Do these have armors have their weights adjusted so that they'll look okay on characters with less weight? For instance, my High Elf's weight is around 45. If the armor is weighted at 100, then there is going to be a massive neck gap, to say nothing of how oddly proportioned it'll look lol.
  12. I think I downloaded these before and loved them. My only issue was the neck seams because of the weight issue. My High Elf's weight is like 45 lol. You can imagine the neck seams if the weight of the armor is at 100. Has that been fixed because I need this back in my game asap lol. Thanks for your time.
  13. This is probably a dumb question, but will this work with Tempered Skin - For Males? Thank you for your time.
  14. This is probably a stupid question, but will this work for SAM Light?
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