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  1. Pride of Skyrim - AIO Male NPC Overhaul High Poly Head

    I have finally finished all my Male NPC High Poly Head Overhauls.  There are 11 installments, consisting of around 400 male NPCs all using High Poly Head.  This baby is HUGE.   I have completed all the guilds, holds, cities, towns, villages, mines, inns, Sovngarde, etc.  Basically, almost all men with a name.  There are no bandits, guards, Forsworn, etc.  Basically, any generic male.
    There are four main files to choose from, all of which are FOMODs.  Choose from Loose Files in 4K or 1K (for those with lesser computers - you can't tell the difference that much), or BSA version in 4K or 1K (no loose files for space saving). 
    I created these men using Tempered Skins, so they will look best with this skin, but they look pretty good with SAM Light and SAM Light Texture Add-On too.
    See Images to get an idea of what you're getting.  There are too many NPCs to post every picture.
    Some Important Things to Note:
    There are NO skin textures attached to this mod.  That means you will have to suffer atrocious vanilla skin textures if you download.  The good news is, it will accept any skin mod you wish to use.  Please be aware that your NPCs will look a bit different than mine using different skin textures. I also use Silent Horizons ENB and Cathedral Weathers, so your images may look different from mine. I am using High Poly Head Version 4 and it requires Expressive Facegen Morphs and Expressive Facial Animation Male.  Animations are not baked into the mod.  With that said, some have used this mod without them with no problems.  If you find beard clipping or weird eyes, install these mods.  If not, you should be fine. Please do not ask me to change appearances or remove tattoos, change hair, or ask me to remove NPCs.  I created them the way I wanted them and they stay as is. The BSA versions do NOT work with other NPC overhauls.  If you use multiple male NPC overhauls, please put this one at the bottom of your load order and overwrite.  If you do use other NPCs, the assets for them must be in the same order as the .esps.  NPC overhauls are safe to put at the bottom of your load order and is recommended you do so. If you use mods to change male NPC body shape/size, you could possibly end up with neck seams and floating heads.  It's been recently reported they work with HIMBO. Not all NPCs are young.  I have tried to retain the age of most of them.  No Elderly were reworked and the male orcs from the Orc holds were left off due to complications. Cicero was not overhauled (bummed).  Overhauls for him have to be created in LE then converted.  I don't have LE. Requirements: 
    USSEP Expressive Facegen Morphs (soft requirement) Expressive Facial Animation Male (soft requirement) Patches:  You must have the mods to use the patches
    My main mod page on Nexus has three patches (see optional files):  Immersive College of Winterhold, Immersive Weapons and Immersive Weapons with Cutting Room Floor for Companions AI Overhaul for Pride of Skyrim Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul - for my Carriage Driver Replacers Credits:  (Either used in mod or shown in images)
    USSEP Expressive Facegen Morphs  Expressive Facial Animation Male  High Poly Head Silent Horizons ENB Cathedral Weathers RaceMenu KS Hairdos Apachii SkyHair HG Hairdos Skin Feature Overlay Immersive Armors Apachii Divine Elegance Shiva's Clothing Replacer NordWarUA's Vanilla Armor Replacer Yyvengar Bodypaint Blanket Scarfs Simply Realistic Armor and Weapons Tempered Skins


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  2. Kaidan 2 - Replacer SAM Light (SE Only)

    This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now.  That is replacing Kaidan.  It's also been requested of me several times.   This man was so difficult to create that if he were my real husband, I probably would have divorced him already.  Okay, that's not fair.  He's too handsome to divorce.  But I would have been real mad at him for a couple of hours.
    NOTE:  This is for Skyrim SE only.  I don't have LE.  If anyone can and wants to convert, go for it.
    Please Read:
      You will, of course, need Kaidan 2 mod.   Kaidan is using SAM Light texture add-on.   I have him using VP's High Poly Head.  If you find weird facial contortions, eye socket problems, or beard clipping when he talks, please install Expressive Facegen Morphs and Expressive Facial Animation   No, Kaidan is not using his original face tattoo.  A complete overhaul didn't allow me to use the texture.  I don't have access to it.  The truth is I didn't know how.  Please settle on the one I provided him.   Please do not come to me with Kaidan2 mod issues.  I did not create the follower mod and have no idea how to deal with his bugs.  But any other problems with him, I'm here.   I played the entire follower mod with his appearance changed and he works perfectly on my end.   I used Silent Horizons with Cathedral Weathers for my images.  I also used a few LUT's in SH, so coloring and clarity will be different for your game, depending on what ENB you use or any at all.  
    NOTE:  So Kaidan is forced to use the Redguard race.  I do not like the face texture, so I give him the Nord texture.
    Go to your game data folder:  data/textures/actors/character/male
          Inside folder, copy malehead_msn texture file
    The go to:
          Paste the malehead_msn
    Overwrite file
    It will give you the Nord face texture.  But it will change all Redguard face texture, which, honestly, stinks anyway.
    Make sure you have all requirements to run Kaidan 2 and are using SE version of Skyrim  
    Special Thank You:
    Thank you to Livetempleton for creating Kaidan!  Thank you to r1goodwin for helping me with texture issues.  And, thank you, thank you to Enroys who figured out all of Kaidan's texture and mesh problems.
    Other Credits:
    My Original Kaidan Mod Kaidan2 Expressive Facegen Morphs Expressive Facial Animations - Males Silent Horizons ENB Cathedral Weathers High Poly Head RaceMenu SAM Light texture add-on Apachii SkyHair Apachii Divine Elegance Store Elegant Beauty Stunning Eyes Evil Mastermind Armor Community Overlays 3  
    My Other Mods
    This is my first mod over here, so I would love to know what you think of him.


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