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  1. Hello, thanks for your kind words. For outfits like that where there's only 1 mesh for multiple color variations, it becomes even more important to make sure that the trishapes in your refit are in the same positions as they are in the original piece. If anything is out of order then the texture swapping won't work to make the different color variations and everything will default to the original color. In an earlier post I explained this to someone; this situation doesn't match yours exactly but I hope the visuals will give you a clearer understanding on how to solve it.
  2. Of course! Feel free to make a translation! 😃 There's no need to give me credit, but since the bodyslide files are using assets from Vector and KouLeifoh you can credit them. Thanks!
  3. SAM Morphs and bodygen allows you to have a greater amount of control over NPC's with SAM Light. It's not going to change anybody's clothes though, you have to do that yourself either in-game or by CK.
  4. the fomod is the scripted installer that you're seeing... you need to make sure that all the options you've selected there correspond to whatever your SAM installation is. (whether it's sam light or sam full, LE or SE, etc)
  5. reinstall and make sure to read the fomod installer carefully so that you choose the right option for your installation. if you don't then you may end up with undies that you didn't want
  6. I think if you copy the genital base bone to the underwear then it will scale with skeleton scaling. To make it scale with penis size you would need to edit the underwear while the penis size slider is activated.
  7. not sure what you mean, if it's refitted properly then the genitals should be scaling with the body and penis size as intended. if it's not then something is incorrect unless you are talking about the bulge of the underwear?
  8. No, they are both body replacers and they act on the same files so you can't use both. Most of the time its fine to use an armor for one with the other unless the armor either involves genitals or is super outdated
  9. no, but for what reason?
  10. xcom 2 in general really does not handle it well when mods are removed in the middle of a save. i don't know if its a bug related to xsoldier or not, but i guess you can try to use the mod "remove missing mods" on the workshop and maybe it will help, otherwise i'm not sure.
  11. as per the description, the texture needs to be renamed this way. for example you have malebody_3, it needs to become malebody_03
  12. probably nothing. i think bodyslide does not export the necessary data for things like cloth physics. i don't know a proper workaround for that since I don't have much experience with those hdt armors, sorry
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