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  1. Great, I'm glad you figured it out It looks fine to me!
  2. The sharpness is inevitable with these kind of low-poly meshes. The only way to minimize this is to avoid using the inflate tool as much as possible. Delete the vertices of the body which is being covered by the clothing, so that you wont need to inflate the clothing so much over the body. And maybe consider scaling the size of the clothing up too, to give a starting point with less clipping. Second issue again, its inevitable. In outfit studio the body is fixed in 1 position and nothing is moving. but in game the character is moving around and they're in different positions all the time, even when idle. Because of that sometimes you wont see clipping in OS but will see it in game.. it just means you have to go back and compensate for that, either by inflating a bit more or deleting whatevers clipping through. The third issue sounds like an issue with the weighting. Unfortunately that's quite advanced, its outside of the scope of my little guide here but I'm sure theres many guides on painting weights elsewhere if you would like to fix it.
  3. Oh these are so cute 😁 great idea!
  4. Put the meshes in outfit studio, select all pieces, and go to the bones tab. Then delete the breast bones (left and right) and the belly bone. Then open the nif in nifskope and remove the nistringextradata at the top pointing to the hdt xml it should work but make a backup just in case something goes wrong
  5. it's the same like installing any other mod. for those two mods it doesn't really matter which is first or second. SAM Light has no requirements that I'm aware of, but SAM Morphs has a requirements section listed in its description and you need SKSE for that. SKSE is installed differently from other mods, so you should watch an installation video for it to show you how to install it. what's the problem you're running into?
  6. air

    Download β€” SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    likely you chose incorrect installation options in the fomod for either sam light, sam high poly, or sam hdt otherwise you would not even have an underwear mesh to begin with, since it's only included in the non-nude versions of these mods
  7. air

    Download β€” SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    This mod doesn't have an MCM. Nudity will be based on whatever version of SAM Light you've chosen to install.
  8. Don't worry, I'm glad to answer any questions as long as I know the answer 😁
  9. Unfortunately I don't have access to my PC right now to check the file, but yes if it's not using slot 32 then the body won't be hidden. The body parts will show as long as their slots are not in use, and using the slot will hide it. To change the slot you need to change it in armor addon of the esp and you might also need to change it in BSDismemberProperty in the nif, if it's there. There's a lot of posts out there about how to change the slot, here's one I found in a quick search: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/576983-tutorial-assign-meshes-to-new-body-parts/
  10. No, it's not showing because the files are installed to the wrong location. Your SAM installation does not matter here; the files I provided to download include sets for all versions of SAM available to LE and SE. There's no need to use a .tri file, which is why it's not mentioned in the guide. The slider sets I've provided for download have all the slider data in them already. There is no weight 1 to 0 slider because you used malebody.tri. The weight 1 to 0 slider was added by me and you would only see it using the slider sets I put for download. This slider is only useful for refitting and that's why I added it. This is why it's important to figure out that first step of installing my files correctly, otherwise if you follow the rest of the guide it won't work. I'm not sure which underwear this is, because the default underwear for SAM is black as far as I am aware..o_O If you're using SAM Light and you downloaded the no-nudity option then you would find the underwear in the malebody.nif if you delete something, there's no way it can still be protruding 😁 usually headgear does not need refitting since the head shape is not changed from vanilla by SAM. But if you want to refit it anyway then it's just a matter of putting it in outfit studio and changing it how you like.
  11. OSA has no mcm! It has its own UI entirely! 😁 Default key to access is enter on numpad If I remembered correctly.