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  1. air

    How I Refit Armors

    upload one of the glove meshes and the tri file and I will take a look
  2. I doubt there's any simple way to get the mod to replicate that texture swapping behavior (even SAM Light doesn't do it) But you could probably switch over to SAM Light and make use of SAM Morph's texture swapping option to be able to set your own normals for your character other than that I can't think of much.
  3. air

    How I Refit Armors

    can you send me these files you worked on in a PM? I will try to look at it and see what went wrong.
  4. probably using latest racemenu and lacking hdt pe read through
  5. You'd be able to tell if it's working or not, it's noticeable enough. Try testing when the character is nude.
  6. not before starting a new game of course, but if you mean before starting Helgen, you could use a mod like Alternate Start to give yourself a chance to configure your MCMs before anything happens. IIRC, you won't notice any changes you made in the actors until after you get off the carriage because SAM holds off until then.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. I don't play SE but for what it's worth, I just finished setting it back up so that I could test this and I was able to get inside that dungeon and finish it normally without crashing. I tested both the underwear and revealing versions... Perhaps there is some other issue or conflict involved.
  8. Are you using SAM Full or SAM Light? If you're using SAM Full then you can install SAM Morphs for RaceMenu. According to its description, if used with SAM Full, the samson and samuel sliders that it adds to racemenu will have an additive effect with the ones in SAM's MCM.
  9. That's weird, it should be working Is it all working properly before you start 5E1? If so, then try exporting a .tri file before this step (while the body is still set as reference) and then at 5E2, import both this tri file and the provided tri file. Maybe it will work.
  10. No, it should have already been conformed before reaching 5E2. Doing it again would reset your work. Follow to 5E2 as normal, unset the body as reference, import the .tri file again, and eveything should be following the sliders properly. At this point, you can delete the parts of the body as you please. When you're finished, export the _1 and the _0 and the .tri
  11. you have to conform before doing this step
  12. air

    [SAM] Clothes Refits

    It's not a slot issue. The genitals are not included in these armors because it's unnecessary for SAM Full, it has scripts to tell when genitals must be shown or hidden. SAM Light does not have scripts, so since there are no genitals in the armor mesh it will just be a hole. You have to add genitals to the meshes to have them appear with SAM Light.
  13. Oh that's strange! They do bounce in my game.. I'm not sure what the issue might be there
  14. I don't think you need to have it if you don't want to. I just disabled mine to check and it seemed to work fine without it Unfortunately I don't, it's just a very poorly made edit of the default SAM undies that I did really quickly. I didn't even bother to create a new mod for it
  15. Oh I converted that for SE! I think it works fine if I remember correctly You'll have to get the original, convert the meshes with the optimizer, and overwrite with this [SAM] Adult Accessories For Men SE Patch.zip