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  1. air

    Invisible with a hole

    Here you go. It doesn't require the original. PS InvisibleArmorCrafted.zip the credit for the body of course goes to KouLeifoh. I just copy and pasted it and did some reassigning in the nifs and esp for this mod.
  2. air

    Invisible with a hole

    Are you using SAM Full or Sam Light? Also, are you using the HDT or High Poly bodies, both, or neither? I might be able to just upload a fixed version for you since the author has no permissions but I have to know what you're using. This won't work the same as for SoS because while SoS handles this type of thing in the esp, SAM does not (it handles it in the mesh.) Since this mod has no meshes it changes the process.
  3. the main purpose of this is to make some clothing pieces compatible with SAM Light since SAM Light doesn't have a way of hiding the schlong on a non body-slot piece of equipment (so on an underwear accessory for example, the schlong would still poke through) this mod isn't going to make SoS meshes compatible to SAM, or anything like that.
  4. air

    How I Refit Armors

    The old guide is found as a pdf in this download but as someone who learned to do it the old way I really would not recommend going that route 😅. The method in this topic is much easier. If you are stuck somewhere just ask for help and I will try my best to help you. I thought of making a guide for how i'm currently doing it but i don't know.. it seems like not many people want to even try to do it so I didn't bother.
  5. with which armor are you having the problem?
  6. air

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    I guess that's not too unexpected, afterall the two bodies are similar enough that they fit the same meshes. But for me I noticed a clear superiority in the high poly mesh from the second I installed it lol
  7. air

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    You don't need refits specifically for the high poly body in order to use it. Your armors will just have whichever body they were made with. As for the parts not involving the body, they will probably fit fine.
  8. this was created even before samlight, so definitely not compatible 😅
  9. air

    SAM Light

    Dunno then. That shouldn't be happening on a new character in a new game. If it is then it's probably an installation/conflict issue in which case you've just gotta go through and make sure there's no conflicts or anything wrong with the way you installed this.
  10. I would be surprised if someone was. It's a massive amount of work for any single person to try and take on.
  11. air

    SAM Light

    does it happen in a new game with a new character?
  12. That's just how HDT is. There will be oddities from time to time. If you play around more with the Floppy SOS settings you can make it happen less frequently.