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  1. air

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    probably. but with just that information it would be hard to say what exactly. do you have the skeleton installed as well?
  2. SoS and SAM handle revealing armors very differently. With SAM, everything is pretty much specified in the armor nif. SAM users can get along just fine with sexlab but the problem with this specific situation is that this person wants the dick to be hidden under the clothes outside of animations, and clipping through the clothes during animations... I'm not sure if there's any easy way to accomplish this with SAM. It would be easy to get either one or the other to happen but not both
  3. the TES5EDIT/SSEEDIT interface is actually quite intuitive. All you need to do is load the esp into there, expand it on the left window and it should show all the records that the mod adds. I don't have sse installed so I can't use SSEEdit myself to see how this mod is adding things to NPC's, but if it's adding the item to leveled lists or something like that then you just delete those records. Here is a video guide on the basics of tes5edit (sseedit works the same way) Alternatively I think maybe the old version of the mod listed at the bottom of the download page is a version made before the author started adding the piercings to NPC's, if you want to try that. I don't know if it will have the piercings you are looking for, though.
  4. probably the easiest thing to do would just be to open that mod up in sseedit and undo whatever it's adding to npc's
  5. it's the same armor but the person who took the screenshot probably recolored it for themselves. Maybe you can ask them for the textures but that color is not released anywhere.
  6. No idea, sorry. I don't actually have SE installed so I never tested the SE version, but I haven't heard about anyone having issues with it. All I did was run the mesh through the nif optimizer tool so that others wouldn't have to do it themselves. So I'm not exactly sure why it would be making you crash.
  7. Yeah, according to the announcement on top this thread: So if she is covered up it should be fine! I personally don't mind but I can see where this is coming from.
  8. There's something about the whole look of SE that just turns me off, not even just the bodies. I can't figure out exactly what it is, but everything just kind of looks fuzzy or blurry to me. Fortunately I have a very stable LE game so I've got no reason to switch over.
  9. I don't know why this happens. But to solve, it should work if you replace the SAMBody with one from a revealing armor that you know is working properly. Just remember to move the body up in the nif to the same position as the original, and also to copy the text from the NiStringExtraData from the original into the new one.
  10. air

    Xsoldier abandoned?

    probably not, sadly!
  11. In the thread about refits , KouLeifoh mentions a way where you only have to do the changes to one body weight and use a slider to get the other weight with no extra effort. I've been doing things that way for a while now and it definitely makes things a ton easier.
  12. air

    Male Overhaul Mod

    well yeah, if the two mods are modifying the same NPC then that is the literal definition of a conflict it should be enough to just install the one you prefer last though. if you end up with grey faces or anything like that then delete the files for the npc from the first mod
  13. the grey heads probably means you either are missing the facegen files for those NPC's somehow, or you have multiple mods installed that are trying to change the same NPC's appearance. seams would mean you're using face textures that aren't compatible with the body that you're using. I see you have a lot of different face textures installed. I don't think they have any sort of cumulative effect when used in combination with each other so it might be best to just pick out the one you like the most.
  14. air

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    So with this being released, I decided to jump on the SE bandwagon and give it a try for the first time. I set everything up and noticed that with the latest version of RaceMenu (0-2-4), SAM armors do not scale properly with this, but when I go back a version to 0-2-3, they do. Am I alone in this experience?