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  1. Haha, this download is for these tools. You can click "View File" in the original post to get them.
  2. It's not very important. It's only used for the poses that come with SAM (I think) If you remove poses from the mod it should work fine without FNIS. I don't have any idea if that's as simple as it sounds or not but maybe it will point you to the right direction
  3. The version error means the nif isn't made for the game which your outfit studio is set to (for example using legendary edition nif while outfit studio's target game is set to special edition) You have to change the target game or convert the mesh to whichever edition using nif optimizer tool.
  4. i think it happens when you haven't converted SE outfit to LE (maybe reverse too, not sure)
  5. Hanging in there for now!... I am considered an "essential" employee (I work for the police department of my city) and I still have to go out to work every day via public transportation. Unfortunately, based on a mix of the behaviors I'm seeing from the general public around here and the incompetence of public officials I think things are only going to get much worse!
  6. I think in this case it might help to add slot 52 to the outfit to hide the genitals. It would be done in the esp.
  7. Nice! I'm excited to see what the others will look like.
  8. i think it's made for original sam textures so if you're using other textures you'll see a seam
  9. like mentioned above, just make sure the name of each shape and the position is the same as how it is in the mesh you started with so if the body is first and the armor is second in the original, keep it that way in your edit. and make sure the names of the shapes with texture swapping don't change either. if these conditions are met then texture swapping will work correctly. On page 3 of this topic (about halfway down the page) I explained to someone the same thing with pictures, maybe it will help
  10. You can easily convert some oldrim animations to SSE using this guide: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2970/ I used it for realistic animation idles and it worked for me. I've no idea if it will work with the running and jump animations since I haven't tried but maybe it's worth a shot
  11. You already figured it out, but nioverride comes with racemenu so if you have that already then you don't need to install it. and xp32 goes last always
  12. Great, I'm glad you figured it out It looks fine to me!
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