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  1. BodySlide Slider Sets for SAM Refits

    BodySlide Slider Sets for SAM Refitting
    This download contains tools you can use to help you create refits for SAM. 
    - Download BodySlide and Outfit Studio ( version 4.8.0 is the version I used to write the tutorial)
    - Download Caliente Tools Legendary or Caliente Tools Special depending on which version of skyrim you are making refits for
    - Drag the tools to your BodySlide install folder.
    The goal was to even further simplify the refit process so that anyone can do it easily. I have included sets for both the high poly body and the low poly body, and each has hdt and non-hdt options too. I was recommended to post this as a download so that people can see it easier, so that's why I'm doing it.
    I made a guide on how to use these to do your refits. You can find it here:
    VectorPlexus & others for SAM
    KouLeifoh for SAM Light and HDT BBB for SAM
    Caliente for BS/OS


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  2. SV Beards for KouLeifoh's High Poly Head

    SV Beards for KouLeifoh's High Poly Head
    This is a conversion of shadowtigers's mod, SV Beards for compatibility with KouLeifoh's High Poly Head
    SV Beards adds over 100 facial hairs, created by combining multiple vanilla facial hairs together. There are no new meshes and they will use whatever textures you have installed for vanilla facial hair.
    This mod adds the exact same facial hairs which SV Beards does, but these are suitable for use with KouLeifoh's High Poly Head.
    There are versions for both LE and SE.
    None, but if you don't have KouLeifoh's High Poly Head installed, then this mod is pointless and the facial hairs will be invisible.
    The original SV Beards is not required, but you can have both installed at the same time if you want.
    shadowtiger - SVBeards
    KouLeifoh - High Poly Head


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  3. Shrouded Armor for SAM

    Shrouded Armor for SAM
    This is a refit of RefurbMadness's Dark Brotherhood armor. No, you do not need the original to use this. No, this does not cover all of the armors in Refurb's set, only the Shrouded Armor.
    This is a replacer for "Shrouded Armor." 
    It is not exactly the same as the Refurb's; I did not keep the harness and I chose not to use their boots. So make sure you have some other refit for shrouded boots. (If you have SAM, you probably already do)
    They are using the high poly, hdt body. If you don't have that and its requirements installed then I don't know what will happen.
    They will use whatever textures you're using. First two screenshots are shown with a retexture (dark brotherhood HD retexture), last is vanilla texture.
    Two Versions:
    V1 has shorts, V2 has underwear, that's it.
    There are versions for both LE and SE.
    I tested all versions for a short while, but let me know if there are any major issues. Expect some imperfections though.
    RefurbMadness for their lovely work on the meshes.
    KouLeifoh for High Poly and HDT/SMP assets
    VectorPlexus & etc for SAM


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  4. [SAM] BadDog's Skimpy Monk Robes converted to SAM

    BadDog's Skimpy Monk Robes converted for SAM
    This is a skimpy replacer for the game's monk robes. It also replaces the other robes that have the same mesh: Blue and Black mage robes, Necromancer Robes, Warlock Robes, and Vaermina Robes.
    There have been a few skimpified versions of these over the years, but my all time favorite are these ones, made by BadDog over on LoversLab. All I've done is convert them to SAM. You do not require the original file to use these.
    There are two versions, one is exposed and the other has underwear Both versions available for LE or SE. The LE version is available for both SAM Full and SAM Light The SE version is available for SAM Light It uses KouLeifoh's high poly HDT/SMP meshes.  I don't know what's going to happen if you don't have HDT or SMP installed, but feel free to find out This is suitable for all weights, but at higher combined values of Samson/Samuel, you will begin to notice some clipping on the chest during crouching or extreme animations/poses. I cannot do much about this, because vanilla meshes are very low poly. They will use whatever texture you have installed. Screenshots were taken using Noble Skyrim textures.  
    About CUT and UNCUT versions:
    There are two different revealing versions for SAM Light: Cut and Uncut Know that if you install cut version, you can't add foreskin at all, even in racemenu. If you install uncut version, you can toggle foreskin on and off in racemenu. Because of this I would pretty much recommend uncut version to anyone over the cut version since it allows you options. Blah Blah Blah:
    I tested everything for a little while, but it's hard to fully test so many versions. If you run into a major problem then let me know.
    BadDog for the original meshes KouLeifoh - HDT/High Poly assets VectorpLexus & etc. - SAM


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  5. [SAM] Revealing Blacksmith Apron

    SAM Revealing Blacksmith Apron
    This is a refit of BadDog's Skimpy Blacksmith Apron for SAM.
    There are three versions;  See images for reference.
    All versions are HDT or SMP-compatible.
    All versions available for Legendary Edition and Special Edition.
    You no longer need any textures to use this. Remove any old textures you installed for the previous version.
    Extra Details (FOR [SE] Version Only!)
    There are two different versions for SE, CUT and UNCUT. Please choose the version that corresponds to your SAM Light/HDT/SMP/High Poly Installations. If you choose the cut version, everyone who equips this will not have foreskin and you will not be able to change that. If you choose the uncut version, everyone who equips this will have foreskin by default, but if you have SAM Morphs for RaceMenu you can use the "Foreskin Hide" slider to show either cut or uncut penis. Credits
    BadDog - the mesh
    KouLeifoh - HDT/SMP/High Poly assets
    VectorPlexus & etc. - SAM


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