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  1. 1 hour ago, greenstarriot said:

    I'll have to look into Fomod, I've not heard of it before. I use Vortex Mod Manager. I will say though that when the scripted installer ran when I installed it the last time I picked the uncut option, not the underwear one. 

    But I'll look into it, thank you. 

    EDIT: Okay, so I found the FOMOD folder when trying to manually install...but I'm very inexperienced at modding and I'm afraid to touch anything based on that file. Does anyone have a simplified installation process? I know I would basically need to copy the files I needed into my skyrim folder right? But I just see gibberish when I look at the FOMOD stuff. I'll try Vortex installing it one more time @[email protected] 

    the fomod is the scripted installer that you're seeing... you need to make sure that all the options you've selected there correspond to whatever your SAM installation is. (whether it's sam light or sam full, LE or SE, etc)

  2. 4 hours ago, greenstarriot said:

    Don't know what the chances are of this being answered, but when I install this mod I have an issue. The physics work great, however my character is perma-stuck in some white underwear (note* this is not the traditional loincloth type undies from vanilla). As far as I know I have removed every mod that could effect the underwear. When I uninstall HDT BBB and go back into the game, the dick and balls are there and able to be manipulated. 

    I'm wondering if I'm missing a plug-in or something? I'll post an image ref and my current load order if that helps. Please go easy on me y'all, I'm very new to modding. ^///^ 

    All I can think is that something is conflicting/missing from my HDT BBB Install. As I'm new to modding I used Vortex MM to install this. Should I uninstall it and try a manual installation? If anyone has any ideas I would love some advice @[email protected] Please halp!

    reinstall and make sure to read the fomod installer carefully so that you choose the right option for your installation. if you don't then you may end up with undies that you didn't want

  3. SAM Light

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    12 hours ago, Oneonium said:

    Some armor mod works only with SAM and not with SAM Light(i think), so i was thinking that using both at the same time could work.

    No, they are both body replacers and they act on the same files so you can't use both.

    Most of the time its fine to use an armor for one with the other unless the armor either involves genitals or is super outdated 

  4. 1 hour ago, Aquilles said:

    genital part is without texture


    you're right, I accidentally used SAM Full genitals instead of SAM Light genitals for the "Sam Normal HDT" outfit set, therefore anyone using only SAM light will see missing texture. I updated with fixed version. Thanks for catching that.

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  5. SAM Light

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    7 minutes ago, David_P said:

    I just got this mod and I'm really excited to play with it! I previously used Schlongs of Skyrim, but this has many more costumization options, so that's why I switched.

    I am encountering one problem, though; there seems to be a sort of underwear ''overlay'' in the pelvis area on my character. I installed the nude version of S.A.M. Anyone know how I could get rid of this or what might be causing it?


    The texture is not compatible with SAM light. Maybe you have some other mod overwriting the textures from this mod or didn't install them at all

  6. SAM Light

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    20 minutes ago, Stanloona said:

    Heya, I was wondering if there's a way to increase the general size of Male's dicks in any way? Maybe a file where you can replace a number or something? In oldrim it was in the MCM menu but since thats gone I was intrigued if theres a way to do it here as well

    the SAM morphs file linked in the description

  7. 5 hours ago, albion34 said:

    oh, i didnt think i needed sos because it said it was incompatible. i guess il get that. I just did it and the underwear is still there but a schlong is popping out of it.

    no, you don't install SoS with this

    just go in MCM and enable schlong

  8. 1 hour ago, Llyonne said:

    All these screenshots you guys got face textures without dirt and wrinkles and stuff... I have a working Hi-Poly head and I can select and save and load and morph... but no matter what I do the texture stays the same exact thing as old man vanilla textures - default vanilla nord - what do I have to do to get a younger looking head and body texture? Am I missing something important?

    this mod is a head mesh. it doesn't mention changing textures or anything; you have to go find a texture and use that.

  9. 1 minute ago, IOwnALego111 said:

    Could you explain to me why people prefer SAM Light over SAM Full, other than obviously SAM "light", so not script heavy like the old SAM.? A part from that, is there any other reason? Im just curious

    It's more simplistic and for SE players there's not another option if they want SAM.

  10. 33 minutes ago, shookones21 said:

    i think i got it working but where do i find this face part slider? sorry i am new to modding

    in racemenu, under the Head section. The screenshots show examples where you can find it

  11. 14 minutes ago, shookones21 said:

    how tf do i get it to work?

    for someone to help, you must explain in which way it's not working ?

    if you want to know how to use it, then read the "usage" section in the description. Or is there some issue apart from that?

  12. 15 minutes ago, Orion said:

    another view, do I need the full SAM instead of Sam Morphs for RaceMenu?


    This mod has options to support either full sam or sam light, you just have to make sure you've chosen the correct options for your setup in the fomod. 

  13. Thanks for the update, I didn't think it would come so quick!

    I noticed that the installer does not seem to install the body meshes and tri file for regular SAM (at least the high poly version, I didn't test the other)

    I installed them manually, but I thought I would mention it!

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