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  1. you just have to adjust the actor positions. there's nothing else you can do. those animations are all made by different people using different skeletons or characters with different body types or scaling or whatever else and you have to adapt the animations to your own configuration.
  2. Yes, he has one here: https://www.patreon.com/vectorplexus But since he quit modding, there's no reward to be a patron, unless maybe the funds are going towards maintaining the site or something like that. Sadly I think the reason he stopped is not so simple as just money.
  3. You can find it in this thread. the forearm partition needs to be added in the esp and the mesh. in the esp, the "first person flags" needs to be edited in the armor addon section to include forearms. in the mesh, you can add the partition in outfit studio in the partition window (upper right)
  4. It looks like an issue related to the way you chopped the body. I can see the vertices in the neck going crazy when I move the samson and samuel sliders in outfit studio. Start with a fresh body and make sure to follow the directions carefully to remove vertices.
  5. I think this is a common LE glitch where sometimes things with HDT will stretch and even become invisible. There's probably fixes for that somewhere, but I haven't played LE for a while so I don't really recall.
    Thanks for all your wonderful armors! Congratulations on releasing your own body mod, and best wishes! 😄
  6. It's not a replacer. He has made a replacer pack for clothing which you can find here: I believe it includes something similar for fine clothes
  7. some of those older refits are using a .tri file format which the newer versions of outfit studio can't load. If you import it into an older version of outfit studio and then export it again from there, you should get a .tri file which can be used in your current version. I don't remember what the cutoff version is exactly, but I've told someone in the past to use 4.5.4 and that worked for them.
  8. Try changing the game data path in the outfit studio settings. Instead of directing it to your mod organizer folder, direct it to the skyrim data folder.
  9. which is odd, because looking at the error messages you're getting, the files are trying to go into mod organizer's mod folder. If you're not running it through MO, you should have it export your files somewhere else. Personally, I just let the stuff export into my skyrim data folder and move it manually to my mods folder when I'm done working with it. building morphs does more than just generate a .tri file. It also links the .tri file to the nif. It would be best to solve this issue that you're having building the morphs, instead of trying to overlook it or work around it.
  10. I looked up the error and saw that it might be related to improper installation of BS/OS through mod organizer. If you're using mod organizer to run it, make sure you installed it properly and running it through mod organizer. I don't personally run mine through MO though, so I can't offer more advice with that.
  11. In the files you sent, I don't see any .tri file. If this is what you're installing to your game then it won't work properly. Make sure to tick the "build morphs" box when you're building your outfit so that it will generate a .tri file.
  12. it sure doesn't look like any SAM Feet that I've ever seen. 😅 I don't know what Yiffy Age does or how it's working, but according to that mod page it's incompatible with SAM.
  13. Open the .nif in nifskope, and find the NiTriShape of the armor. Expand it and find the BSLightingShaderProperty. In the lower window, find the section named Shader Flags 2. Find "Double Sided" in the list and click the checkbox. Do it for both the _0.nif and _1.nif if it exists.
  14. i can't tell if the body hair is part of your personal edit or if it is an overlay from racemenu. If it's your personal edit, you need to also edit the genital texture not just the body texture, since this is the full version of SAM. If it's a racemenu overlay, those are not compatible with genital textures. but it's weird how you said the genital texture is remaining smooth no matter which body hair option you select, at the very least it should be changing with the options even if it doesn't match. Double check your SAM installation and also make sure you installed the correct version of high poly for your SAM setup.
  15. Hello, thanks for your kind words. For outfits like that where there's only 1 mesh for multiple color variations, it becomes even more important to make sure that the trishapes in your refit are in the same positions as they are in the original piece. If anything is out of order then the texture swapping won't work to make the different color variations and everything will default to the original color. In an earlier post I explained this to someone; this situation doesn't match yours exactly but I hope the visuals will give you a clearer understanding on how to solve it.
  16. Of course! Feel free to make a translation! 😃 There's no need to give me credit, but since the bodyslide files are using assets from Vector and KouLeifoh you can credit them. Thanks!
  17. the fomod is the scripted installer that you're seeing... you need to make sure that all the options you've selected there correspond to whatever your SAM installation is. (whether it's sam light or sam full, LE or SE, etc)
  18. reinstall and make sure to read the fomod installer carefully so that you choose the right option for your installation. if you don't then you may end up with undies that you didn't want
  19. I think if you copy the genital base bone to the underwear then it will scale with skeleton scaling. To make it scale with penis size you would need to edit the underwear while the penis size slider is activated.
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