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  1. usually it means the body is not placed at a high enough order in the mesh. Open nifskope and go to spells > sanitize > reorder block, then ctrl + click SAMBody in the BlockDetails window and press the up key to move it up above the other shapes. also, if the BSDecalplacementVectorExtraData isn't there for some reason it should be
  2. Refitting Guide for SAM - Shape Atlas for Men In this guide I'll be sharing a relatively simple method to refit armors for SAM. What makes this method "simple?" Well, using this method we can create the _0.nif for almost no extra work at all, effectively halving the workload. Quick disclaimer - I have no background in this stuff. It's completely possible that my guide may have unnecessary steps or alternatively may not be thorough enough. I am not claiming this method to be the best way to refit armors. There are many ways to do it and this is the one that works for me. Quick disclaimer #2 - The high poly body mesh may or may not still be actively receiving updates by its author. If the number of vertices in the high poly meshes ever changes, the HighPoly.tri file in this tutorial isn't going to work and I'll have to update it. I doubt the normal SAM meshes will ever receive updates from now on so that one should be okay to use indefinitely. With all that taken care of....Before we begin, you'll need to have some things ready: BodySlide and Outfit Studio (Version 4.6.0 or lower) NifSkope (the latest version, 2.0 Dev 7 at the time of writing this guide) SAMNormal.tri or SAMHighPoly.tri if you're going to use a high poly body or SAMHighPolywithToenails.tri if you're going to use the high poly body, with toenails SAM body meshes Specifically, you need malebody_1.nif, malehands_1.nif, and malefeet_1.nif. You probably already have these installed, just copy and paste them to a new folder that you can do your work in. If you don't have them installed, you can find them in the following downloads: SAM Main Download or SAM Light (for the normal SAM Body parts) SAM High Poly Conversion (for the High Poly Body parts) HDT BBB Bounce for SAM (for the HDT Body, high or normal poly) Keep in mind that this download comes only with the body, you need to get the matching hands and feet from one of the files above. Once you have everything you need, we can start. Part One: Setting Up 1A. You should have an outfit you want to refit. We need to make a quick change to the mesh and the best time to do it is now. (If you're making a refit for SE, you can skip step 1A) Open the mesh in Nifskope. Find any NiTriShapes that are part of the outfit (ignore any body parts, we'll be deleting them anyway) Expand those NiTriShapes and find the NiTriShapeData In the lower window, find Consistency Flags and set it to CT_MUTABLE if it's not already. Save the .nif and close it. If your mesh has both a _0 and _1, you only have to do it for the _1. If it only has a single .nif then just use the one it has. 1B. Before we start working in BodySlide for the first time, we need to change the reference skeleton that Bodyslide/Outfit Studio is using. Open BodySlide Click on Settings in the lower right of the window. At the bottom where it says Reference Skeleton, you need to direct it to the skeleton that you're using. Press OK. Part Two: Importing SAM Body Parts into Outfit Studio After you've set the reference Skeleton, open up Outfit Studio (next to the settings button.) Earlier, you downloaded malebody_1.nif, malehands_1.nif, and malefeet_1.nif. We have to figure out which body parts we need to use for the refit. If you're refitting a Nonrevealing Outfit for SAM Full or SAM Light, you need SAMBody. If you're refitting a Revealing Outfit for SAM Full (where the genitals will be showing), you need SAMBody. You don't need any genitals. If you're refitting a Revealing Outfit for SAM Light (where the genitals will be showing), you need SAMBody, SAMGenitals, and SAMForeskin. If you're refitting an Outfit where the body is 100% covered, then you need SAMBody (as a reference only.) If you're refitting gloves, you need SAMBody (as a reference only.) If the gloves have such a design where the hands will be visible, you also need SAMHands (if using high poly, you can keep or delete the fingernails, up to you) If you're refitting boots, you need SAMBody (as a reference only.) If the boots have such a design where the feet will be visible, you also need SAMFeet (if using high poly, you can keep or delete the toenails, up to you) If you're refitting an accessory that does not go into the main body slot, you need SAMBody (as a reference only.) 2A. You can see that in every case, we need SAMBody. We have to import it and set it as the reference for the project no matter what we're doing. Drag malebody_1.nif into your Outfit Studio window (or go to File > Import From Nif and select malebody_1.nif) If you're using the SAMLight body, it will come with genitals. Follow the guidelines above to determine whether or not you need to keep or delete the genitals. Right click "SAMBody" in the upper right window and press "Set Reference" You might need more body parts depending on what you're trying to do. I left the guidelines above so that you can decide. Delete any shapes that are not needed by right clicking them in the upper right window and pressing "Delete." Part Three: Importing the .tri file 3A. Now we have SAMBody in outfit studio, set as the reference. You might also have other body parts in there, depending on what you needed. Go to the top of the outfit studio window, and look for Slider> Import Tri Morphs. Import the SAMNormal.tri or SAMHighPoly.tri that I attached at the beginning of this guide. You need to use the correct one for the body type you are using. You'll notice sliders appear in the lower right window. Click the pencil icon next to each slider one at a time. Check that the body is morphing properly with the sliders. If you see anything strange happening, you either used the wrong body or the wrong .tri file. If everything looks normal, then you're ready to move on. Part Four: Doing the refit 4A. Now we're ready to begin the actual "Refitting" part. Import the outfit you're working with into the Outfit Studio window (the same one you checked the consistency flag on earlier) If it came with any body parts, delete them. If the outfit is separated into pieces, you can also delete any pieces you don't want. Now you should have your SAM body parts, and the outfit you're trying to refit together in Outfit Studio. 4B. We need to use the tools to adjust the outfit so that it fits the body, without any sliders activated. Click on the names of the shapes that are part of the outfit in the upper right window, and use the tools to adjust the fit. You can CTRL + Click multiple shapes to adjust them all together. Make sure you aren't clicked onto any body parts or you will change the shape of the body as you work. Once you're satisfied with the way it looks, use CTRL + Click to select all the shapes which are part of the outfit (Do NOT select SAM body parts (Body, Hands, Feet, or Genitals) Now go to Slider > Conform Selected 4C. Now that it's conformed, you will notice that the outfit is moving with the sliders when you activate them. But there will probably be some clipping when you activate the Samson and Samuel sliders. Now we have to improve the fit while each slider is activated, one at a time. Click the pencil icon next to a slider, and while the slider is purple, use the tools again to fix the outfit, just like before. When you're done with one slider, deactivate it and move to the next. Do this for Weight 1 to 0, Samson, and Samuel. When you're finished, deactivate all the sliders. Do NOT conform the mesh again after this step. If you do, you will have to redo this part over again. After this step, you should be satisfied with how the outfit fits on the body. Now we'll need to do some labeling and organizing. Part Five: Filing In order to make this refit compatible with SAM, we need to do a bit of filing work. 5A. We have set SAMBody as the reference for this project. The first thing you need to consider is whether or not you're going to need the reference in your final mesh. There's many ways you can figure this out. First of all, if the outfit you tried to refit had its own body inside when you first opened it up, it probably means you need to include a body in the final mesh. If it did not, it probably means you don't need to include one. But here are some guidelines you can follow anyway: If you're refitting an outfit that goes on the main body slot, where any part of the body will be visible, then you need SAMBody. If you're refitting an outfit that goes on the main body slot, where the body is completely covered by the outfit, then you do not need SAMBody. If you're refitting gloves or boots, you do not need SAMBody If you're refitting any accessory item, you do not need SAMBody Now that you know whether or not you need the reference, we can continue. 5B1. If you need SAMBody in the final mesh: Right click on the SAMBody name, and select Properties Navigate to the Extra Data tab A NiStringExtraData named BODYTRI should already be there. 5B2. If you don't need SAMBody in the final mesh: Right click on a shape that will be part of the final mesh (so basically anything other than SAMBody) and select Properties Navigate to the Extra Data tab Press Add, a NiStringExtraData should be added. Underneath where it says Name, type BODYTRI 5C. Now, whether you needed SAMBody or not, you need to follow this step: Under where it says Value, we need to add a path which leads to the .tri file for this outfit. We haven't made the .tri file yet, but we will in the next steps. You should anticipate naming the .tri file after the same thing as your outfit's .nif. So for example, if our outfit was Undies_1.nif, we will name our .tri file Undies.tri. Start copying the path to your armor from after the meshes folder, and add the name of your future .tri file at the end. When you're done, press OK. Now we can export our .nifs, but again the steps depend on whether you need SAMBody or not. 5D1. If you don't need SAMBody Go to File > Export to Nif Overwrite the _1.nif of whatever you're trying to refit. (If it only had one mesh rather than a _0 and a _1, then just overwrite that mesh.) Toggle the Weight 1 to 0 slider Go to File> Export to Nif Overwrite the _0.nif of the outfit (if there is one, or if you want to make one) Deactivate the slider again. Go to Slider > Export Tri Morphs Export the .tri file with the same name we chose for the path earlier, and save it in that same location. You have exported the _0.nif, the _1.nif, and the .tri. You're finished with the refit. 5D2. If you need SAMBody Go to File > Export to Nif with Reference Overwrite the _1.nif of the outfit. (If it only had one mesh rather than a _0 and a _1, then just overwrite that mesh.) Toggle the Weight 1 to 0 slider Go to File> Export to Nif with Reference Overwrite the _0.nif of the outfit (if there is one, or if you want to make one) Deactivate the slider again. You have just a little bit more work to do. 5E. Now we have exported the _0.nif (if necessary) and the _1.nif We still have to export the .tri file. These next steps might seem stupid, but you have to do them anyway. I won't explain why because it'll just make things more confusing. Find your reference shape, SAMBody. Right click it and select Set Reference. It was already set as the reference, so this will unset it. Go to Slider > Import Tri Morphs and import the "SAM.tri or SAMHighPoly.tri" that you started the tutorial with. Go to Slider > Export Tri Morphs Export the .tri file with the same name we chose for the path earlier, and save it in that same location. You have exported the _0, the _1, and the .tri. You're finished with the refit... UNLESS you were refitting a Revealing Outfit for SAM Full, then you have one more thing to do. 5F*. If that's the case, you need to go and find an armor with a SAMRevealing NiTriShape in it. You can find it in any of the skimpy/modular armors available in the SAM Main download Open up the armor with the SAMRevealing shape Open up your _0 and _1 nifs. Copy the SAMRevealing branch into both your refit. Expand SAMRevealing, and look for BSLightingShaderProperties, click on it. In the lower window, look for Alpha Change the alpha from 0 to 1. Do this for both the _0 and _1 meshes of your refit. Save them, and now you're officially finished. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and if available, I'll do what I can to try and help. Like I said, I have no background in this- all I know about is what I've experienced. I won't be able to have an answer for everything. Below this part of the guide I'll be adding some additional techniques that you can and should look at once you feel comfortable following the main guide. Good luck! Changelog
  3. SAM (at least the full version) works by swapping the textures based on the actor's values of samson and samuel. Skysight for example, only adds Samson50 and Samson75, meaning on a character with less than 50 samson you are not going to see anything different. You could get around this by playing with the names and using the textures you want for lower values, or as the default.
  4. You should definitely expect that there will be differences between how it looks in outfit studio compared to how it will look in game on a moving character, especially on a character that big. There's not much you can do except to compensate for those differences in outfit studio by inflating the mesh even more. Or you can also hide parts of the body by deleting vertices or making zap sliders, whichever will work for you. For the second issue, I noticed that sometimes bodyslide will "forget" any adjustments made to the mesh if the reference is unset, and other times it will work fine. I really don't know why it happens, but I wrote a short workaround for that earlier in the thread. When I have the time I will probably just incorporate this workaround to the main guide to save some headaches.
  5. Version 2.0.0


    BadDog's Skimpy Monk Robes converted for SAM This is a skimpy replacer for the game's monk robes. It also replaces the other robes that have the same mesh: Blue and Black mage robes, Necromancer Robes, Warlock Robes, and Vaermina Robes. There have been a few skimpified versions of these over the years, but my all time favorite are these ones, made by BadDog over on LoversLab. All I've done is convert them to SAM. You do not require the original file to use these. Details There are two versions; one which is revealing and one which is not. Both versions available for LE or SE. It uses KouLeifoh's high poly body mesh They will move along with the body if you have HDT/SMP installed. (But make sure you have a proper skeleton installed regardless) This is suitable for all weights, but at higher combined values of Samson/Samuel, you will begin to notice some clipping on the chest during crouching or extreme animations/poses. I cannot do much about this, because vanilla meshes are very low poly. They are compatible with retextures, and I highly recommend using one. Extra Details (FOR [SE] Revealing Version Only!) There are two different revealing versions for SE, CUT and UNCUT. Please choose the version that corresponds to your SAM Light/HDT/SMP/High Poly Installations. If you choose the cut version, everyone who equips the robe will not have foreskin and you will not be able to change that. If you choose the uncut version, everyone who equips the robe will have foreskin by default, but if you have SAM Morphs for RaceMenu you can use the "Foreskin Hide" slider to show either cut or uncut penis. Credits BadDog for the original meshes KouLeifoh - HDT/High Poly assets VectorpLexus & etc. - SAM
  6. air

    How I Refit Armors

    i can't really tell what you've done wrong by looking at the original but anyway i'm a little confused - these are already refitted for SAM and it seems to work fine... what is it you're trying to do?
  7. air

    Underwear for SE

    maybe using too recent a version of OS I think 4.6.1 or below is necessary, or something like that
  8. air

    How I Refit Armors

    upload one of the glove meshes and the tri file and I will take a look
  9. I doubt there's any simple way to get the mod to replicate that texture swapping behavior (even SAM Light doesn't do it) But you could probably switch over to SAM Light and make use of SAM Morph's texture swapping option to be able to set your own normals for your character other than that I can't think of much.
  10. air

    How I Refit Armors

    can you send me these files you worked on in a PM? I will try to look at it and see what went wrong.
  11. probably using latest racemenu and lacking hdt pe read through
  12. You'd be able to tell if it's working or not, it's noticeable enough. Try testing when the character is nude.
  13. not before starting a new game of course, but if you mean before starting Helgen, you could use a mod like Alternate Start to give yourself a chance to configure your MCMs before anything happens. IIRC, you won't notice any changes you made in the actors until after you get off the carriage because SAM holds off until then.
  14. I'm sorry to hear that. I don't play SE but for what it's worth, I just finished setting it back up so that I could test this and I was able to get inside that dungeon and finish it normally without crashing. I tested both the underwear and revealing versions... Perhaps there is some other issue or conflict involved.
  15. Are you using SAM Full or SAM Light? If you're using SAM Full then you can install SAM Morphs for RaceMenu. According to its description, if used with SAM Full, the samson and samuel sliders that it adds to racemenu will have an additive effect with the ones in SAM's MCM.
  16. That's weird, it should be working Is it all working properly before you start 5E1? If so, then try exporting a .tri file before this step (while the body is still set as reference) and then at 5E2, import both this tri file and the provided tri file. Maybe it will work.
  17. No, it should have already been conformed before reaching 5E2. Doing it again would reset your work. Follow to 5E2 as normal, unset the body as reference, import the .tri file again, and eveything should be following the sliders properly. At this point, you can delete the parts of the body as you please. When you're finished, export the _1 and the _0 and the .tri
  18. you have to conform before doing this step
  19. air

    [SAM] Clothes Refits

    It's not a slot issue. The genitals are not included in these armors because it's unnecessary for SAM Full, it has scripts to tell when genitals must be shown or hidden. SAM Light does not have scripts, so since there are no genitals in the armor mesh it will just be a hole. You have to add genitals to the meshes to have them appear with SAM Light.
  20. Oh that's strange! They do bounce in my game.. I'm not sure what the issue might be there
  21. I don't think you need to have it if you don't want to. I just disabled mine to check and it seemed to work fine without it Unfortunately I don't, it's just a very poorly made edit of the default SAM undies that I did really quickly. I didn't even bother to create a new mod for it
  22. Oh I converted that for SE! I think it works fine if I remember correctly You'll have to get the original, convert the meshes with the optimizer, and overwrite with this [SAM] Adult Accessories For Men SE Patch.zip
  23. I don't know...
  24. air

    Skimpy Crouch Underwear for SAM

    It was converted from SoS... the link to the original is in the description.