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  1. I managed to make a twink using the SAM high poly head, with SavrenX's pretty face texture. I actually have a before and after shot of the pretty face texture so that we can see the difference. I don't really use poses and stuff but you can at least see the face on my basic pictures, haha. ^^' BEFORE Pretty face textures ~ AFTER Pretty face textures ~ ~~ It looks like the colors show up a lot more vividly - I didn't change any color settings between these pictures, the pretty face texture just lets all my color options actually show up a lot more clearly! Honestly, it kinda makes me think of the red lip coloring and blush people get after giving a blowjob. LOL! Also, his face looks much smoother from all angles and lightings. The other texture was already smooth, but in some places it still looked slightly rough. This pretty texture helps to remove that issue. I wish I could make a face like what Melon created for his vilkas and onmund replacers on the nexus for LE - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74140/ - possibly one of the cutest faces I've seen for Skyrim, but oh well, I'll just have to go with this since I use SE! Oh, by the way, I took these pictures on my phone so if the quality seems slightly lower than it should be, that is why!
  2. Looks great! Please release the model on the right as a follower or a preset!
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