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  1. Love this mod! The best one I've ever had! May I ask what female body do you use along with Schlong of SAM? I use CBBE 3BBB (with CBPC and SMP) and it seems to give me camera bug whenever I go out of showracemenu or change clothes. The camera would point to the lower belly despite my dragonborn being a female and has no schlong. I've been reinstalling and now I only have USSEP, FNIS, Racemenu, XPMSE, SKYUI ; CBBE Enhancer, CBPC, CBBE 3BBB, HDT-SMP ; SAM Light, SAM High poly conversion and Schlong of SAM. Of course with skse. When I used SAM and Schlong of SAM, it was fine until I added in CBBE Enhancer, CBPC, CBBE 3BBB and HDT-SMP and vice versa. I think maybe the configs or xml have something to do with the bug? I see a few xml from CBBE 3BBB (I downloaded it from Nexus) that has the name Malebody, MaleGenitals and penis so I would assume that they're incompatible, but as I don't know much about modding and code I wouldn't touch the xml just in case I'd break something. Or the bug could come from CBPC master configs, I'm really not sure. I'll attach the config files here just in case. Any kind of help and advice would be much, much appreciated! Thank you everyone in advance! I'm about to explode from weeks of researching! CBPCollisionConfig.txt CBPCMasterConfig.txt MaleGenitals.xml penis.xml configs.xml defaultBBPs.xml MaleBody.xml
  2. Hi! First of all thank you everyone for the amazing mod and addons, I'm still a noob in modding so I'd like to ask for a little help if possible! I think got my custom race follower to work with SAM (I use SAM Light) by following the guide from here. When I use the SAM Morph on other vanilla character it works, but on my custom race follower it doesn't! In game, my custom follower's body doesn't look like it uses SAM's body because it looks thin and a little weird. I changed the follower's weight to 100 in CK but it stays the same. (NSFW Picture!!) https://imgur.com/Oh1YHTh https://imgur.com/qt1ohZF (I also use SavrenX's Schlong of SAM) My question is, how do I get SAM Morph to work with custom race? I have no more hair to pull out! Or did I miss a step to make the custom follower's body compatible with SAM's? I mean, I followed the guide and it seems to work since the schlong appeared, but the body still doesn't look like SAM's buffed one, but rather thin and skeleton-ish like in the picture. Maybe it's because he has no Samson as default? But then again, I can't use SAM Morph on him to make any change! It works on vanilla characters and show the racemenu-like menu for me to morph, but when I use the command with the custom follower nothing happens. Nothing shows up. I really really really appreciate any help I can get! Thank you thank you thank you in advance!!! Below is my plugin list just in case it may help! (the follower esp is damienfollower.esp) loadorder.txt
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