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  1. What support? Just read the descriptions of the Mods then you see... 😮 You can use I believe all Animation Mods for SexLab you find on LoversLab. Playerhomes mostly work unless there's another Mod editing the same Cell/Place the house would be. Some LE Mods might be old but still work and for SE it's nearly the same.
  2. Like every other Mod. Download and install it in your Mod manager, enable the plugin and run FNIS after every new Animation Pack you add. Playerhome is the same, downlaod and install... The other the same I say but never used any Sexual Quest Mods.
  3. Animations work for all Genders, may just look a bit odd when the guys fucks the other guy not in the rigth place. I recommand to use this Mod aswell, with this you can change mid animation to another animation or even set the Stage
  4. It feels more incorrect that you post about some Female Texture Problem here lol
  5. Kou, I was wondering, did your SAM Light Mod/s include the Briar Heart aswell? Cause I saw today that they use Vanilla body in my Game.
  6. What, LE is literally an instable bitch But you can of course use what you want. Like we all do. :3
  7. Because SE runs better and SAM SE looking good and high Quality, that's why maybe. Time to switch. ^^
  8. Do you even read what we write? Your chances go get someone here making a FEMALE hair is like 0%. We don't care about females here, this is a Website for MALE content. Nexus or LoversLab is a better place to ask for your Request of FEMALE hair. :I
  9. I don't think someone here will do that lol. We are a Male Modding Community for Male content..
  10. Just use this Mod. SOS - Schlong Controller. I made it work with SE. It works with the Picture up and down button. I think you have to hold Shift and then press the other button and for NPC you just have to use the Picture buttons if I am correct. if it doesn't work then it's the other way around But it works 100%, using it aswell, sometimes. SOS - Schlong Controller v0.2 SE.rar
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