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  1. Version 1.5 is Standalone only atm?
  2. go to that folder path SAM Lighttextures\actors\character\Male There you have to add the files to use them with the RaceMenu Morph Mod. You have to add a 01,02,03.... etc to each of the files you want to add cann go till 10. For example, normal male Texture is named "MaleBody_1" and if you wanna use it with the Morph Mod then it would need to be "MaleBody_01" same goes for the MSN file, normaly "MaleBody_1_msn" and for the Morph Mod "MaleBody_01_msn".
  3. Malik taking a bath in Markath with René relaxing Kinda playing some Skyrim again after a few Month of other games
  4. Guys, this is only a normal Map (Texture). Easiest would be to use the Race Menu Morph Mod so you can just switch it in that way, otherways you would need to copy and past it into the orignal SAM Texture Folder, which means every npc will have it too.
  5. I think you can only do it manually. That's how I did it via Programs that let yo uedit Images like GIMP.
  6. What is stopping you from doing so?
  7. Hehe thanks! I never used Presets from others myself. Always worked with the Vanilla drama from Bethesda XD My first few Characters weren't that nice looking too so it really is just up to pratice I believe in you!
  8. Looking amazing! One question tho, will the Tip of the Penis look different too? Because Don made own textures with a different Tip color which looks so much better than all one color. also more realistic. :3
  9. It takes time, learning to understand and to use the Scupting the right way. Some races are a bit easier in my eyes then others. Like Nords and Breton are quite easy to make into younger faces. Not talking about Bochu style but young looking. Redguard and Imperials are harder, also the Elven races of course. Keep on practicing and with time you'll get better and better Made this quite young looking Bosmer, Dunmer, Redguard and Nord. I even made a Fairy (cant remember his race) lol All made out of the normal Vanilla Presets. Just saying that with time you can achive everything
  10. What support? Just read the descriptions of the Mods then you see... 😮 You can use I believe all Animation Mods for SexLab you find on LoversLab. Playerhomes mostly work unless there's another Mod editing the same Cell/Place the house would be. Some LE Mods might be old but still work and for SE it's nearly the same.
  11. Like every other Mod. Download and install it in your Mod manager, enable the plugin and run FNIS after every new Animation Pack you add. Playerhome is the same, downlaod and install... The other the same I say but never used any Sexual Quest Mods.
  12. Animations work for all Genders, may just look a bit odd when the guys fucks the other guy not in the rigth place. I recommand to use this Mod aswell, with this you can change mid animation to another animation or even set the Stage
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