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  1. Damn! Also cool idea of the Screenshots showing his butt and undies
  2. Pretty old Version tho. Hit me up in PM for the last SE we had.
  3. Very nice!!! Like that last shot. Damn Jay, you must be new, I already enjoy your shots! Finally some Redguards around here. Ahhh well that's some look he has hidden down there
  4. I hope Cain won't hide from us anymore or for too long again. Always enjoying seeing him around.
  5. Maybe for Context, what mods from SAM Light did you install, give us a list of the SAM Mods so we can see.
  6. The Tattoo / Warpain by DomainWolf works with SAM as well. I told him back then to make Male Versions and he made it for SAM, but I believe it would work with SOS too. Also yeah, that for the Followers SAM Morphs for Racemenu.
  7. might be a tri file problem so the dick won't scale with the Body.
  8. Of course I'm talking about my Character/s.
  9. Now that's a bagger I would hand my money over, or the dick. 🀣
  10. Please use the "Spoiler" Tag Button. These are way to many Pics, that'll stretch the Theard. It's the "Eye" Icon.
  11. Darnexx


    He'll destroy poor Russell!!!!
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