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  1. Lol he looks cool! That haitstyle XD Dunno if my Guys would be hunk material enough for you.
  2. Erik has two (FaceGen/ID) Versions, the one as Farmer and then the Slayer.
  3. Someone is going wild, nice! And that Guts with Beard Profile Picture...
  4. No need to be Sorry. Like you said, if we want to Share the Presets, we do and if not than not. But it's never wrong to ask for something. ^^
  5. Boys being boys Letting the followers have some fun with each other
  6. Demon Boy in Fallout! Looking good man.
  7. Re-redone Belrand (got that Follower overhaul I forgot xD) And Rune
  8. I keep my favorite Guys to myself, sorry. But the hair is this one
  9. Back to Skyrim with a new Guy Thorvid Skullcrusher
  10. Awesome thanks a lot, glat you made it work for SAM Light.
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