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  1. I was about to say the same, hard to read black on a dark background..
  2. Give us that Body Normal Maps please! I need them Muscles!
  3. Ahhh now we're talking! That's what I wanted to see! I hope he won't tear him apart
  4. Oh a bit of a younger face. 😎
  5. Darnexx

    Sims 4 - The Gay Stuff and my WIP [NSFW]

    Jordan Winter
  6. Darnexx

    Sims 4 - The Gay Stuff and my WIP [NSFW]

    Killian found a "friend"
  7. Sadly to the Teeth the Presets all Crash on me. Only Karok works from the Preset you dropped long ago..
  8. Darnexx

    Sims 4 - The Gay Stuff and my WIP [NSFW]

    Daniel and his Son Killian
  9. To me it looks pretty accurate. People of course look different aswell, some had more sun and some less. I saw so many white ass legs over here but the Arms are always brown from the sun. But to me it looks very good.
  10. Our Lord is pleasing us again!
  11. He's talking about ENB chances, he most likely will not share it. He's working on it forever ,over and over
  12. Damn, pretty cool. 🙀👌
  13. How's the dick so "floopy" ? 😮