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  1. I wouldn't mind sharing him, if he eats that much. XD
  2. No, it's like a "Outfit" you can give it them to wear. It will not automatically replace the default Body.
  3. Woar! Welcome to Vector! *cough* I see you are a Member since 2018
    Thanks for the Refit! Looks pretty cool, only the shiny/glossy Textures arn't so cool. But it's from the other Modder.
  4. OMG!!!! How cool! Also the right link to the Mod Page. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/9774-god-of-wars-4-kratos-armor-sse/
  5. Next Update is right around the Corner Reached the 15 NPC Vorstag
  6. Wow... WOW! Now these are some interesting shots! And an even more interesting Character! A Horse? Never saw that before!
  7. Very cool idea! Waiting and hoping for the SE Version.
  8. Oh who is he, is he new? 🤔😀 Some darker skin, nice!
  9. That big ass smile on his face! And that big-small fellow jumping around! XD
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