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  1. First and last Mistake, Mortal! Big bad Red is cool and scary at the same time.
  2. Hell yeah, they are pretty cool, sad that there is no official way to join them. Also do it, there can never be enough Armor! Thanks. The one on the right was made by Savren/Don. The other is my Boy Arian
  3. Woar two nice looking Forsworn boys! That one with the Scar over the eye... Forsworn FTW!
  4. Wahhh the Tattoos! O-m-f-G! Not gonna lie, I think he's the coolest looking you ever made! With the Tatts and Piercings! 😍
  5. Ok wait, are you using SE or LE? Cause my Files are for SE.
  6. Here, download that and drop the Textures in the Folder you have open in the Screenshot. Then you can switch around the Body Hair in the SAM Morphs mod Body Diffuse. I have Arm hair on some of them so I included the Hand Textures aswell for you to switch. Male.rar
  7. You literalle only have to put a Zero infront.
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