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  1. Normal build, not too muscles and the dick looks normal too, I like him. Also the glasses suit him.
  2. lol but shouldn't that be possible? Making a RS Children Preset and then load it with your Mod.. And the Person offers so much money for it... damn Japanese Pervs
  3. Which he's not wearing here... guess Tobin could remove it? ;P
  4. I would let Kodaa join him. Then they can burn down places together
  5. Tobin looks happy as fuck bewteen the menboobs Also, his pants, is that a retexture? It looks so damn nice :O
    Waited so long for this! Love it.
  6. Darnexx


    I think some hair look kinda out of place, also some meshes do the same. But I still like one or two styles from the Mod. Also you fixed the shiny effect.
  7. Sadly I'm not allowed to give him some more meat. Weight 40 is like Zero haha. So I helped with a little input from Samson
  8. Got a Preset from Gunterping and I did play around with him a bit
  9. Medal my friend, M E D A L! XD In the shape of a Penis
  10. Absolutely not! And he's trying hard, but with the Muscles... it's useless I guess
  11. Darnexx

    Skyrim and Win10

    I have no idea why and how aswell, it just started out of the blue.
  12. This poor Guy, he should be dead from being fucked by that thing