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  1. Hello sexy! XD What is he wearing in these Screenshots? Never seen that befor!
  2. Darnexx

    Geralt Ursine armor for SAM

    Pretty damn perfect.
  3. Darnexx

    10/24 Anubis Armor

    Ah, just checked the images.
  4. Darnexx

    10/24 Anubis Armor

    Looking good. Wait, why it needs HDTHighheel.esm?
  5. Darnexx

    Forest Tyrant Addon

    If I could tell, I'd know. I'm not into SE ENB's so I don't really know how they can look. But thanks for letting me know.
  6. Darnexx

    Forest Tyrant Addon

    Is this Oldrim or SE? For me it's a little unclear.. :'D But from the Pics the Wings and Weapons look pretty cool.
  7. Russo's Preset, made some changes to him.
  8. I noticed the body hair "problem" bit annoying, tried over and over and still no body hair.. But the Pants look pretty ocol..
  9. For me, your Mod did not gave me the body Tattoos, one reason why I did not name it, sorry. ^^ Might be a problem on my end, but yeah, dunno. Still a great Mod, cause it was easy to use.
  10. What SAM settings you have on him? Like how much Samson/Samuel. ^^
  11. He would lose his body tattoos, sadly, thanks to SAM being a bitch when it comes to standalone... And Familiar Faces arn't Perfect aswell. That's ok, I could do it myself, only need the Preset, if you don't mind..
  12. Mhh he could be a good friend/follower for my guy Arian and his BF