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  1. Please use the "Spoiler" Tag Button. These are way to many Pics, that'll stretch the Theard. It's the "Eye" Icon.
  2. Darnexx


    He'll destroy poor Russell!!!!
  3. Darnexx


    That blush on the mighty Knight
  4. Okay, HOW ON EARTH DID I NEVER NOTICED THIS AWESOME MOD! PANTS, yes! XD I love Kreis's Mod/s, mostly that he replaced all the Vanilla Armor / Clothes. But some did just miss the Pants Versions and now here they are, thank you soooooo much! My God, pants for the Fur Armors! 😱 Edit: I noticed Telvanni Pants Version is broken. Falx Pants, the Chest piece-thing isn't morphing. Yal Clothes 01, pants ain't morphing.
  5. Awesome, thanks for this fine work.
  6. Woar nice! I currently play that Mod. XD
  7. For PC this Version is literally meanlingless. Just Bethesda tring to get more money lol and to fuck up our Mods again. Just keep playing SE and if you want the CC Mods that come with the AE then you for sure will find a source online to get them for free.
  8. Woar, thank you very much! This is awesome!!! **download** So if I use regular SAM Light, no furry, I need both files, correct?
  9. Darnexx


    Such a cool idea, he looks amazing!
  10. Darnexx


    I'm in love with all your Characters! They look so cool.
  11. With better textures this Mod would be really damn nice!
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