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  1. Just use this Mod. SOS - Schlong Controller. I made it work with SE. It works with the Picture up and down button. I think you have to hold Shift and then press the other button and for NPC you just have to use the Picture buttons if I am correct. if it doesn't work then it's the other way around But it works 100%, using it aswell, sometimes. SOS - Schlong Controller v0.2 SE.rar
  2. Just some quick COtR Face I've made Uploaded his Preset if anyone wants it
  3. I feel link it's too much muscles haha wanted to get that one myself XD
  4. The Headgear was my by Savren long time ago and the Bodygear is for SAM Full LE you would need to convert it to SE then it should work.
  5. You click on the eye then you get this bar. In there you can normaly write and post Imagies or Videos.
  6. I totally forgot that Belrand was a Follower when I made him, that's why he looks kinda.. well ugly But I already have in mind to redo him XD Also if you wanna post many pics please use the "Spoiler" Tag, it's the Eye Icon... otherways yoru Post get's way to long, thanks.
  7. Yes it works with SexLab, Penis get's errected cause of the xpmse skeleton just like any other Body replacer besides Better Males and Dizona I believe.
  8. Are you using Xpmse? if so make sure it's loaded pretty much last in your load order. Also make sure to toggle the first two options in FNIS before running it. I don't have problems with T-Pose using this Mod.
  9. You can use the LE Version, read the Mod Page of Moonlight Tales Essentials in the Comment Section.. Run FNIS then the T-Pose should be gone.
  10. So, I removed the Modders cupemaps and now the Armor isn't glossy anymore. I'm not sure why he did it, it's not in the normal Mod Version and it makes the Armor ugly. Incase someone else want to remove the glossy look, just open the meshes in NifScope and delete the cupemaps. Result:
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