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  1. Don does SE only since a while now. Also it has the SE Tag.
  2. I can't use his Presets because my Game will CTD..
  3. Yep that's what I had in mind to do. Already grabbed the SAM Textures for that 8D I'm so happy the Dick is back!
  4. OMG dude it works! Even with Moonlight Tales/Essentials! Sure Dick color won't chance with the fur but the dick is there! Big thanks man!
  5. Why posting that so often and not in one post WITH a damn Spoiler-tag? We said in the first Screenshot Thread that People please post longer post with a Spoiler Tag so it won't be too long! Please do that, thank you.
  6. Dude please put that into an Spoiler.. it's so damn long.
  7. I see it I use the normal Mighty Beast from Moonlight which is already a bit bigger than Vanilla Yours is more like the Bodybuilder Mighty Beast...
  8. Mhh sad. I use it and the Mighty Beast Mesh XDD
  9. Did anyone ever got the Patch from old SAM to work with SAM Light? If that even would work with SAM Light that is. I kinda miss the Penis feature just for visual aspects + the stronger looking body which we can pick in the Essential Version. Last named I just started to use in SE, so I have the stronger body at least.
  10. God your Character looks so great! So Asian from the Face The Armor is PERFECT for him!
  11. SAM Light works well in Enderal, I use it. + the RaceMenu Slider Mod if I remember correctly. Outfits need to be "ported" to work for Enderal, don't know how that works tho.
  12. His landing at the end Never saw that before aswell. Bethesda always suprises us
  13. Nah, I think it's at least a 50/50 use of both Mods. Many still use the old SAM, some switched to the new Version.
  14. Don switched to SE, so LE Mods won't come anymore or rarely.
  15. Woar! Looks good to me, INeed Did you ever think about make a msn without muscles like we had for the LE SAM? For Characters which has zero muscles.
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