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  1. Darnexx

    Fallout 4 Screenshots

    Anybody who's playing Fallout 4 ? We may even share smexy Screenshots here aswell. I share my Guy Oliver for the Manly Monday.
  2. Ah yeah, I've CTD'ed from you last Preset Posts, only Big Red (forgot his Name XD) worked for me without issues.
  3. You still use ECE and RaceMenu together?
  4. I'd like it the way you show in the Screenshots, with Pants on. Looks pretty cool.
  5. Thought that too first but the face didn't look like it's made in Skyrim XD But he looks hella good ;3
  6. Darnexx

    SAM BS:Bruma Patch

    If so then yeah, would be nice to get such Patch, mostly if there's some skin showing form the base Armor.
  7. Darnexx

    SAM BS:Bruma Patch

    Why need a Patch?
  8. Darnexx

    SAM Light Texture Add-on

    Amazing Texture Mod, any plans for Arm- and armpit hair in the future?
  9. Darnexx

    SAM Light Texture Add-on

    Incredible textures, you truly are a master.
  10. Darnexx

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    The best RaceMenu Plugin! Works with Enderal - Steam Version.
  11. Doesn't seem to work with the new Enderal from Steam and SAM Full.
  12. I use it too and it works fine, sometimes this weird happening happens to me too, same as ball stretching, but I think that's more up to the physics.
  13. Darnexx

    SAM Light

    Works well in Enderal, looking good with your SAM Light Texture Add-on. 10/10
  14. Ahh so it IS THORALF! XD I was thinking that he looks pretty damn simular! Haha Thanks for using them.
  15. For no ENB it looks pretty damn well.
  16. Found these two Clothings, anyone who coudl refit it? Mostly the first one https://captain-heiko.tumblr.com/post/178394805854/einar-v117z https://captain-heiko.tumblr.com/post/177952979874/jake-asia-re6-v37z
  17. Darnexx

    Looking for a Refiter

    Always these Permissions XD I hope ya get it soon or later
  18. Caleb and Sven Rudy ENB 4.3 WIP
  19. Thanks for the HP Body update :3
  20. Darnexx

    [SAM] Clothes Refits

    I always love your work, but this time it's too many "dresses and dick outs" for my taste, I'm more of a Pants Person still thanks for the afford man.