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  1. Uhhh, he's very nice looking! Didn't know bochu race doesn't work on SE :/. I always used oldrim, I have SE but never used. I always wanted to start using it so I can play both, but I need a new hard disk to do that. Currently my modded Skyrim + my mods archive is like about 300 gb....
  2. Sorry for the delay, I've passed last days making an archive of all my mods, and fixing things. Btw as I said is nothing special but I like it :3. I helped myself using bochu race to try to give him a more like anime appearance. Hope to improve him one day. That's the result:
  3. Ok I DID IT! Sry for the delay, but I just finished it now... I just tilted and I started everything from the begin, i'm not sure about what was the problem but maybe the skeleton (maybe I've selected the wrong one from bodyslide(?)).Now it works and I've putted it on my follower. Ty so much for your support, I've learned from your tips. I'll let the conversion down here, it's my first SAM conevrsion and it's not perfect but maybe it will be usefull to someone. Link to the original mod: http://skyrimmodshighlights.blogspot.com/2019/04/ros-dororo.html Dororo SAM Conversion.rar
  4. Ti very much, I solved the problem with nif! Now I have another issue 😅. I continued to follow the tutorial, I did everything that needed to be done, but now when I wear the armor I istantly CTD... So... idk what I did wrong.
  5. Thx, I will try tomorrow, I'll let you know. 👍
  6. Hi, It's the first time that I post something here. I love trying to make things but I still have a lot to learn. A month ago I watched the anime "Dororo" and I felt in love with the character Hyakkimaru, so I decided that I want him as a follower ^^''. I've created the follower using the SAM body, I've also made custom textures for body and eyes (nothing special but, well, It's just for me and as I said I'm still learning), The follower it works perfectly, I just miss an armor for him. I've found this: http://skyrimmodshighlights.blogspot.com/2019/04/ros-dororo.html I've tried to convert it by myself following the guide found here on the forum, but when on nifscope, I try to paste branches between SAM body and the new outfit Nifscope says:"failed to map parent link BSFadeNode|SAM", so I'm stuck here. I've initially thought the problem was becouse I've cut arm parts to make them better fit with the blades (it's a part of the armor mod), then I used the normal body withouth making changes, I've tried with the normal body and also with the high poly one, but same result, CTD. Now I wonder if someone have time to refit this outfit for me or if you can tell me what I'm doing wrong, because it's like 4 days that I'm stuck at this point. Hope that you can help me.
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