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  1. Leo and his big friend Armin are trying everything they can to make a little money. Leo has an idea and Armin, being a horny devil, agrees to go along with it.
  2. Just a little preview of a story I'm working on. It will be finshed soon-ish
  3. A face that says "Why the hell did I agree to this?"
  4. What happens when your giant Orc friend wants to have a little fun? As Deacon found out, you never walk again
  5. Just between you and me; there may have been a noticeable seem on his dingaling which I was trying to hide rather than fix
  6. Run Forrest run! Heh, my new guy's called Forrest
  7. It's not often I do little guys but here's Palsis the tiny Elf. I did the Japanese censor thing just for giggles
  8. Men and Muscles


    Asbjorn travels to the quaint little settlement of Seapoint, where a hunky young fisherman catches his eye.
  9. Gortan, he's a beast even by Orc standards. Human for size comparison: He's so damn cute using a tiny little human tankard. An Orc with lots of GIRTH. Look but don't touch. Don't overstay your welcome, Gortan gets bored with humans easily.
  10. I was inspired by Mikaakim's rainy shot so I made my own rain/werewolf themed images. Earnest stalking the village that was once his former home, waiting to transform into a feral beast.
  11. It's from a mod called the "inner collection". It's a bit buggy but it has lots of new underwear. I'll pm you the link.
  12. Aww, thank you, Darnexx. I can't stay away from such hunky fellas, I guess
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