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Men and Muscles

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  1. Men and Muscles

    Men and Muscle

    Hmm, what shall I put in here? Hunky men, I guess
  2. I haven't forgotten about forrest and he hasn't forgotten about you either. He really wants to play. Very adult content ahead, animations etc.
  3. Aww, thanks Mika. It's nice to have your support I think 4 pages at a time is a good pace. Getting better (I think) at putting these together Here are pages 5 - 8.
  4. So I had a little play around because the text was something I was thinking about changing anyway. I think this solution is a little ugly and covers too much space but it's something I can possibly stylise somehow to make it look better.
  5. Thanks, Harry. It's really strange taking screenshots for this style because you have to intentionally leaves big spaces and have uneven framing. It goes against all my instincts. I'll definitely keep going, especially as all the good stuff is coming up
  6. Trying a new style. It's a lot more time consuming but adds some interesting visual flair. Only 4 pages so far. I'm having fun just making it but let me know what you think and if you want me to share more.
  7. This was going to be something more but Skyrim was on a crashing spree and it's too hot, so I gave up. It was supposed to be a POV thing in which your friend Forrest moves in with you but whatever Maybe the crashes were a sign it was a boring idea
  8. I use these textures: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3804-wet-function-redux-male-textures/ Don't forget to crank up your specular lighting in your ENB.
  9. Sometimes it's nice to take off that sweaty heavy armor and shake your dick dry
  10. He's so proud of his boyfriend
  11. They've even got the same horns, they must shop in the same places
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