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Men and Muscles

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  1. Men and Muscles

    Lair Banner

    From the album: Men and Muscle

  2. Men and Muscles

    Men and Muscle

    A folder for some fine fellas. The hunkier the better
  3. Has anyone got a solution to this annoying beard bug. It's been an issue for me for years and I still don't have any idea how to fix it. It looks like a lighting or shadow bug and it gets worse the further away the camera is. Each part of the beard to too well lit or well defined and cast really heavy shadows. It's the same with or without an ENB. I've tried removing the HD beards mod I use but even the vanilla versions are the same. My guess is it's some random variable in Skyrimprefs.ini maybe? Or it's an issue with more modern graphics cards. I dunno. I don't have the issue on my laptop. It's annoying because Olaf here needs his big sexy blonde beard Here's an old shot I took from 2018 from 2 PCs ago, all three guys have this beard with no issues.
  4. Tyrus my huge Dragonborn guy climbing The Seven Thousand Steps ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).mp4 ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).mp4 ezgif.com-gif-maker.mp4
  5. Men and Muscles

    Hey There!

    From the album: Men and Muscle

    Duncan says hello with a wink and a smile :D
  6. You'd need some sort of bow that shoots dildos... A dilbow! 💡
  7. Men and Muscles

    Big Red Ass

    I would literally never tire of giving it a good spanking
  8. Men and Muscles

    Big Red Ass

    From the album: Men and Muscle

  9. Madoc is a big meanie but Brad can't help but fall for him 😍
  10. Men and Muscles

    Kruger Full Frontal

    From the album: Men and Muscle

  11. Men and Muscles


    From the album: Men and Muscle

  12. Thanks, Shiny. Occasionally I can do something that isn't crass, hehe
  13. Men and Muscles

    Drenched in light

    From the album: Men and Muscle

  14. The latest fashion accessory in Skyrim: a big pair of Orc nuts 🥜. For just 100 septims a day, Gortan will come and rest his hefty sack on your face
  15. Men and Muscles

    Forest Guardian

    From the album: Men and Muscle

  16. Men and Muscles


    From the album: Men and Muscle

  17. Men and Muscles


    It's the pauldrons from this mod except I removed the actual pauldrons with NIFskope and just left the harness behind.
  18. Men and Muscles


    From the album: Men and Muscle

  19. Red and Zane try their best to cross Skyrim. Not so easy with the big horny dog as a companion.
  20. Men and Muscles

    Down at the wharf

    From the album: Men and Muscle

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