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  1. Very nice! Did you make the sandals too? I like them
  2. Succubus patch WIP : starting to look hotter than I hoped
  3. While working on it I had an idea for another mod... Instead of a succubus, why not a hulk? Imagine a skinny cute shy twink having the power to turn into an overpowered and overhorny huge green monster for a limited time... Could be fun. We wouldn't even have to change the meshes for the transformation, just the Sam morphs. If I had more time in my hands, I'd so make that mod... Edit: wait... I've just described a werewolf...
  4. I think the transformation is totally possible. What I need the most is : time. And it's soon valentine's weekend so I'll be a bit..... Busy. Hands full. I'll try to arrange something and you'll just have to replace the meshes and textures with the ones you wish. Just don't know when I'll be done. I don't think they hate men, they just don't care. And don' t want to look gay. It's their greatest fear...
  5. There are many scripts but there is nothing gender specific in them. So you can play as a male succubus with the spells and perks, but you can't change your appearance because in the "erf psq transformation addon", they simply ignore the male body. I've tested by modyfing a bit the esp and used Sam as human body and sos as succubus body. I could switch between them and I could even add the horns. There are more modifications to do for the head parts and so on but it looks possible. What would you like to use as alternate body parts meshes and textures and armor? Do you have some ready to use?
  6. I've analyses the mods and there doesn't seem to be anything in the scripts stopping us to use it with males. It's just a matter of modyfing the esp's to point them to the male succubus meshes. If you have meshes ready, it should be quite easy.
  7. Do you use your own xml's? When I use it, the pecs often jiggle endlessly....
  8. They are way too afraid to be tagged as gay... So much that it's ridiculous. For example, I liked the "nymph race" which gives buffs when you're naked and things like that. But it only works for females. For no obvious other reason than "gayyyy!!!!". So I managed to change the esp myself to make it available for men... Took some seconds. Ridiculous. Maybe I can take a look at the succubus scripts for you... Can you point me at the mod?
  9. How cute. On straight forums, they create the most feminine female characters and place them in scenes of (beast) rape, torture, dismemberment, cannibalism, sanguinery, humiliation, slavery, and so on... And no questions asked. On this forum, we have tough, muscled, hairy, beary male characters and you almost apologize for a little bondage. Sometimes, I think that straight men hate their characters while we love ours...
  10. Thanks! I'm far from your level of expertise in twinkology but I feel like I've just stepped into a broad new world..
  11. Now we're getting somewhere ! The face looks too young though. Otherwise i'm very happy with it
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