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    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Nice job for the textures ! So you finally opted for node overrides with event listeners...I guess the skin override was too buggy. The only thing missed now is texture randomisation among NPC's, that's why I'll keep using my own version but still, thank you for keeping this mod alive !
  2. This sounds good but how do you prevent the textures from resetting when the actor changes armour or undresses without event listeners ?
  3. I already contacted kouleifoh some days ago but he's not interested (he doesn't like the concept of a script based on a spell on every NPC). I respect his decision. Write a lesson? it depends on your level of knowledge of papyrus. I can give snippets of code if you know what to do with them. I forgot to thank you in my last post, I'll add your msn files to my collection ;)
  4. I did it and it works perfectly on my setup. (SSE, Nvidia 1050ti, Intel i3). Several hours of gameplay without ctd. I wrote some scripts to add the option to kouleifoh's racemenu to choose between several body hair, diffuse texture sets (3mw, tanlines and kouleifoh) and normal texture sets (Sam, 3mw and skysight) so each npc looks really different. This requires a spell on each npc to update the textures, just like Sam full. So this is definitely possible and even quite easy for someone who can write scripts. Personally, I just don't have the time to write a whole "clean" mod and maintain it.
  5. mojito817

    SAM Light Texture Add-on

    Thanks a lot for the tanlines option ! I thought you wouldn't do it... I've added clear soles to the tanlines textures for more realism and sexyness (don't know why but it turns me on) Also your tanlines would need some blending on the edges IMHO. I'll work on that too. Would you allow me to post the result here, if anyone is interested ? Or maybe i can send it to you to include it in a future update ?
  6. Nif optimizer doesn't convert the Tri files. This needs to be with outfit studio. When you disable the hands mod and get naked, is the result better ? If yes, it means that 1) you should get rid of that hands mod 2) you need to convert the outfits Tri files or download outfits conversions for SE. You'll find some on this site.
  7. mojito817

    A little follower help

    Not so simply, Sam esp should be esmified and added in the follower's esp masters...
  8. mojito817

    [SAM] Clothes Refits

    FYI I tried some outfits in SSE with Samson morphes and I had gaps at wrists and ankles meaning that the morph isn't applied on the body, so that means that the Tri files are not compatible, for some reason. Not blaming you for this, just informing
  9. mojito817

    [SAM] Clothes Refits

    Nice work ! Are the Tri files compatible with SSE ?
  10. mojito817

    SAM Light Texture Add-on

    One word : Amazing ! It's even better than I thought when I saw the screenshots in the showoff thread. Used in combination with your Hi poly meshes, the result looks better than Dizona imho. I love the care given to the details, like the feet. Finally some good looking soles... It's a bit a pity that there is only one normal map, now that I managed to write a custom script that assigns the normals to the corresponding morphes on Skyrim SE but I understand that it would take a lot of work to create a complete set. If I might suggest a fancy option for a future option, a tanned body would be sexy, with clearer zones in the underwear area, soles and palms like in this thread : Thanks a lot for sharing this great work !
  11. Some personal mods that i did when I was bored : Here's my character...Nothing special at first sight... Except for his race. He's a "Desert nymph".I modified the mod "Nymphs of Skyrim" to make it work with males. It allows to play with a naked character with some buffs when nude. And i added some buffs when when naked and/or barefoot (because I like it) Another thing I did : Added sexual preferences to sexlab. Now the player and every NPC have some kind of fetishes. It influences the anims that are played when they have sex and the pleasure they get from it. Also changed the arousal formula. You can notice this with the "frustration" parameter (being aroused without orgasm increases frustration). it's one of the parameters I added. NPC's and followers also greet you with naughty dialogs depending on their sexual preferences, your and their arousal, your clothes and so on...When they say it, it increases your arousal and theirs : Also made your arousal level important for gameplay. Being aroused gives you buffs but being aroused for a too long time has consequences. So it's good to keep some hotties around to turn you on and satisfy you when needed... Do you think that I should relesase some of these mods ?
  12. Immersive First person View is finally available on Skyrim SE, giving some interesting points of view...
  13. Of course, I just wonder how that texture set looks like on Samson and Samuel morphes, on green orcs and so on...I'm unpatient to test it ;-)
  14. Very good. The elf on the right (Athis?) Looks very detailed. And how do the body textures look like on non-unique NPC's ?
  15. Wow this looks amazing. I wonder how those textures look like on different morphes and races ? Personally, I think I'd use it on a playable race to have a unique very handsome PC and/or follower...I like diversity in my NPC's. I hope you'll release it, it looks too good !
  16. mojito817

    Tan Lines for SAM Body

    Thanks, Glad you like ;-)
  17. The "boring" part was just a joke. It would be awesome but that would be a whole new game...
  18. You mean, a kind of survival game in a world where Alduin won and Tamriel is now ruled by dragons, where all the ruined cities of Skyrim are filled with zombies whose souls where devoured by Alduin and ghosts having nowhere else to go ? Where Dragon priests rule armies of draugrs and chase the remnants of humanity who survive hidden in secret locations, grouped in clans ? Where Vampire lords and werewolves fight the dragon armies without alliance and one of your goals would be to group the humans, vampires and werewolves to fight together ? Where the Dragonborn would have actually joined Alduin and you'd have to defeat them both ? Naaaaah that sounds so boring....
  19. mojito817

    Tan Lines for SAM Body

    Hi, I tried to add clear soles and side of feet. On the Redguards, it really gives that "dark skin" look. It's not easy though, because the texture is quite distorted. it's even worse on the palms. I gave up on these even tohugh it would have looked quite cool. Suntan.zip
  20. I'm just playing around with the scripts during my free time in the holidays to see what's possible to do. When I saw all the different textures and normals now available, I just thought "hey, what not use them all ?" So I tried this. With the SAM morphs added, it really gives an almost unique look to each NPC. I probably won't have the time to develop and maintain a whole mod though. I just placed the different texture sets in different directories and randomly change the path with NiOverride. Basically, here's what I do to select a msn file : rnd = Utility.RandomInt() if rnd < 26 prefix = "actors\\character\\male\\" elseif rnd < 51 prefix = "actors\\character\\male\\3MWLM\\" elseif rnd < 76 prefix = "actors\\character\\male\\3MWMM\\" else prefix = "actors\\character\\male\\skysight\\" endif suffix = (rest of the path, based on morph and weight) msnpath = prefix+suffix nioverride.AddNodeOverrideString(Actor, false, "SAMBody", 9, 1, msnpath, true) It's as simple as that...
  21. Technical screenshot. Skyrim SE with scripted randomization of normal maps from 3mw more and less muscular, skysight and vanilla SAM, body textures randomizarion too between tanlines and no tan, HDT-SMP animated genitals, subsurface scattering from skysight. Wouldn't the choice beteween several normal and diffuse mapsbe nice for an hypothecal future update of SAM ?