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  1. Oh wow, please tell me you plan on making him a follower at point, that would be amazing!
  2. Super late to the party but please do Blades next!
  3. @fasrtvDude, what mod is the glowing tattoos you're using in your pictures?
  4. Dayum, the character in your pics is fire. Great job on the conversion as well!
  5. Lol its been really hard. They've all come out looking like mutants, like very scary mutants XD. On Xbox I was really good at making faces, then suddenly I start with Racemenu and I'm so awful Ugh, you're so talented! I wasn't joking when I said I was a big fan of your mods lol. I've used other presets for the other races I've come across, but then they pretty much come out looking exactly like the preset with small changes like hair, eyes, beard, etc, I can never get them looking more original. I just gotta get way more practice in Holy cow, I didn't know you could do that! Thank you so much for the tip!!
  6. Hey all, just starting out on my journey of making followers from scratch! I've been having a hard time using Racemenu to make attractive faces, so I could really use some help with presets as a starting base if any of you guys feel like sharing your character faces as presets! If not that's totally cool, I know how personal sharing a follower or original character can be, so I get it 100%. Hopefully presets for both Bochu and regular non-female headed characters. Anyhow, thanks in advanced, I appreciate any and all help!
  7. So I'm a little bit confused. Do you need both ESP's for the mod to work? The ESP over on Nexus is called Lucien.esp, and the download here is called Lucien Replacer New.esp. Will this mod require both, or just use the one esp from this mod along with all the files from the other mod?
  8. @ DonDoes this work with SamLight at all now?
  9. You're a feminine twink yourself? My favorite. You should share pics... Of your Character I mean 😉
  10. So I downloaded this and tried using it, but everytime I try to load in the xml document like the directions say, I get the message "Could not load reference Nif file." Do you any way of fixing this, or what I could have done wrong?
  11. DominicM1990


    Lawd have mercy, you have a gift 😍
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