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  1. I must have done something wrong. I'm going to reinstall everything because now I can not remove this seam anymore.
  2. I tried to merge the render and roy files, but apparently the tonalities are different. ps: PS: Render has no problems with the cock but does not work with the body hairs. Roy works with body hairs but has problem with the cock. they are not compatible because the color of the tan line is different.
  3. thank you so much. I really liked the result.
  4. sorry for the quality, my knowledge about enb is limited.
  5. unfortunately the penis does not stay the same color. thank you anyway! It's already something.
  6. I searched a lot for this, but found nothing.
  7. choose manual mode and set the keys for shift + del shift + insert, your choice. and make sure the mod has subscribed to all the others.
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