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  1. The gay Gods have truly blessed us on this day.
  2. Holy shit these are so quality I'm shook and quaking rn ?
  3. Def gonna try this. These kinds of mods are sorely needed!
  4. I like this armour, just one problem. The crotch area seems to be blank, neither underwear nor schlong shows up. At least for me.
  5. I would love for you to upload it if you ever complete it ?
  6. You're doing Dibella's work, my friend! I am so looking forward to your next release!
  7. I have noticed that all of the armours with HDT enabled on them all have jarring clipping issues. If you'd be interested in making nonHDT versions of your creations it would certainly be appreciated from this fella!
  8. You are the gift that keeps on giving! Thank you for everything you do! ?
  9. Oh this is going to be awesome! If you feel like it, could you possibly put the bandit fur armour higher up on the priority list? Only if you want ofc Thanks for creating these wonderful conversions! ???
    Stunning skimpification of the orcish armour! And a sorely needed item to anyone looking for a smoking hot armour!
  10. Oh wow, now I'm the one that's blind. Thank you so much! ???
  11. Love this armour! Great job! ??? One thing I noticed when testing, however, was that when the weight I have in the SAM MCM menu isn't 100, my character is still being made super skinny with this armour. For example, when I change from 99 to 100 in the menu, my character becomes a lot more buff. Do you know what my problem might be?
  12. I was also wondering about the blue textures on the underwear! It's amazing that you respond so fast and care so much! Your work is really appreciated, Jorrob! ??? Also, I found that General Tullius' armour has blue underwear as well, can anyone else confirm this or is it just me?
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