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  1. COATS seems to be hidden and under re-construction on Nexus. Any idea as to when it may be back up? I really wanna wear all those great clothing pieces here ;-;

  2. Ah okay, the plugin was disabled, I have re-enabled it and I was indeed missing two mods to go along with Atomic Muscle. Thanks a bunch! Going to try it now. Edit: The sliders are working great. However when I try to add the overlay, all the textures are purple like they are missing. I downloaded Ulf Skin Overlays as well as it's requirement of NPC Male Bodies (just the v1.6a like suggested.) I made sure all plugins are enabled as well. Re-edit: nvm I'm a dork, for some reason NPC Male Bodies was never enabled in my mod manager lmao. Hopefully that was the reason for my Purple Men.
  3. So I uninstalled BodyTalk everywhere, re-installed Atomic Muscle AND Victoriam Line, and those tabs are still blank. I've tried launching it from both Vortex and the Script Extender.exe and get the same thing. The images here show what I see when I select the Slider and Overlay menus.
  4. So I have installed everything using Vortex (I have tried NMM as well, same issue) and I have Atomic Muscle installed, and for Overlays I wanted to use Victoriam (as suggested). However when I use the console command to open Looksmenu, no Sliders or Overlays are showing up in their respective tabs, they're completely blank, but the is still completely nude. I only have access to the vanilla in-game body slider. These are all the body altering mods I have installed: -TBOS - BodyTalk2 - BodySlide and Outfit Studio - Atomic Muscle (latest version) -Victoriam Bodylines
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