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  1. Sieg wearing artoffugue's refit of Devil's Daedra Armor: Awesome Refit (ideal for grim chars).
  2. Here we go - Yan (my Dragonborn) + Kruger (Smidgen follower mod).
  3. I would like to give a public thanks to Kreiste for the refits of the vanilla armor. They're awesome. For me, I just needed to edit the armor's underwear (make the bulge bigger, but realistic).
  4. Oh, man! Smidgem, i don't have words... I wanna be that dildo! I'm sure I can help end his loneliness.
  5. Great, Don. I tried to do the same. It worked in all parts of the armor, except for the glass boots, where there is a void where the feet should be behind the translucent part (glass) of the boots. How you did it? kkkkkk. Can you share it?
  6. Hay, Smidgen, that was awesome! I was wondering: About that fantasy, if the captured man, unlike the half-orc, would be subjected to so many sections that he would be sexually tamed and addicted. Thanks for the beautiful screenshots and handsome men.
  7. Which form of power got better: Dragon Aspect or Full Demonic Form?
  8. Well, guys... here is that porn-smurf-like char. His name is LOR. Below is the basic information I was able to provide about him. What I propose here is that you assign traits to LOR or even assign role or performances to him (it can be playfull, naughty, cheerful, bad-guy, etc.). Following the image without writing: Make yourself comfortable. hehehehe ...
  9. Wow! Is possible to make that refit available for download?
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