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  1. Adding the "additemmenu" was an excellent idea. I was able to find the outfit but it is named, Mada Strings Green Male. Nonetheless, I am now able to use it and have it on my Lucien companion, the one Don created, and he looks delicious.
  2. I will give this a try. Appreciate the response.
  3. No matter what I do, manual install or managed through Vortex, I cannot get this to work. Vortex indicates the plugin from the original mod is made for another version of Skyrim, I use SE. Although I install the original mod, then the SAM version, the game acts like it does not exist. At first, I was not aware of how to obtain this clothing until I did some digging where Don indicated you use the "player.additem" console command. Given I do not know the item number to type in to spawn the clothing, when I type in "help Fairylicious" it says it does not exist. Just posting this here to make sure I am not missing something because it seems others can get it to work in SE.
  4. Your work is amazing. Appreciate the work you have put in to making our playthroughs of Skyrim more enjoyable.
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