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  1. SO Im trying to use this on special edition but whenever I take off clothes to look at the physics it crashes, any idea whatim doing wrong?
  2. So I could use some help with this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35474 been trying to make it use default body assets so i can use it with SAM. BUT I cant seem to get it to work. I have the hands and feet using default textures but the body defaults to the custom ones. Can any one help or make it so that the Ningheim race can be compatable, with sam?
  3. Can any one explain to me how to get different body textures? EX( hairy, smooth ect) Im afraid im not quite understanding it and the textures option is not popping up in the race menu.
  4. So I have been fiddling around with this forever now, I had it working before but I cant figure out how to make it work now, Is there a way to make the ningheim race compatable with the SAM Body meshes? any help would be loved thanks.
  5. Is there a way to make HDT physics run for the body while wearing this armor?
  6. Okay Ill try reuploading the question there then thanks!: Also I tried re equipping armor and no dice =/
  7. So I dont know what I did but I some how glitched the game So everything other than this works! bear that in mind textures look fantastic (Im hypnotized by the pec physics) but then I select smooth texture aaand this happens. That dosent look smooth to me so I figured id ask for help any one have any ideas?
  8. Id like the tools aswell, I wanna refit the armors so they fit my characters
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