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  1. I have no trouble getting everything to line up correctly using SAM w/out the SOS mod. What skeleton are you using?
  2. DarkZephyr


    Is this Vito the Vampire Hunter?
  3. I am still pretty bitter about how several years back all but one of my tastefully nude male screen shots for Oblivion were removed when the site owner had decided the place needed to be more "family friendly" and now look at it. But my screen shots remain forever gone.
  4. Which is too bad, because they would really be great in the game but honestly all the great stuff you have been coming out with is more than enough to keep a smile on my face. You are my new favorite super hero. 😁
  5. @Aquilles I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings...I was just simply sharing my personal experiences of the two versions of the game. @kreiste You are very welcome and thank YOU for all the great, sexy outfits!
  6. This is what the CC male Golden Saint armor SHOULD have been.
  7. LE was always crashing for me. SE does that far far less often. Anyway Kreiste, you have been on such a roll! I love your mods.
  8. DarkZephyr

    Changed Vito's Face

    Your face change looks great!
  9. You don't have to apologize. It was my mistake. I look forward to when you try to make this mod available for SE. Thanks for creating it!
  10. I REALLY want this to work for my game, but for some reason with this mod enabled, my game won't even launch at all. I mean it won't even open. It did that with the original version and its still doing it with the updated version. Could it be that I am somehow doing something wrong? I've used NMM to install it. Edit: I think I may have figured it out. I am trying to use it with the SE version and I just noticed that its for the Legendary version. Oops! lol
  11. Yay! Another male companion mod! I love this site. 😄
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