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  1. Lady_Kazu

    Skimpy Mage Robes

    You are welcome, dear! You are one of my favorite modders/refitters! Yayz! I hope to have all your skimpy fabulousness!
  2. Lady_Kazu

    Skimpy Mage Robes

    Love the Arch-mage one!
  3. Lady_Kazu

    Skimpy Nordic Carved Armor

    Awesome dear!
  4. Lady_Kazu

    Skimpy Nordic Carved Armor

    Absolutely fabulous dear! I like the Nordic carved armor! On a side note, would it be possible to make your armors standalone? I am all for every man in Skyrim to show some skin, but I want to choose who wears them! If not, I still enjoy your creations!
  5. Would someone be able to convert this to SAM? As a standalone asset, of course, though since the back shows a bare butt it can be HDT compatible! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14425?
  6. Agreed! I still use it! However this is Talos we're talking about, and the SAM body would surely make him look as powerful as Hiemskr is describing! I second this!
  7. Lady_Kazu

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    Good luck hun! The feet and hands look great, I can't wait for the rest of the body!
  8. Lady_Kazu

    Skimpy Glass Armor

    I was wondering if you'd be interested in making this standalone, unfortunately, another modder never made the skimpy versions of the armor that came with SAM by default, standalone!
  9. Lady_Kazu

    Curvy Body

    What armor/clothing is that mask from?
  10. Lady_Kazu

    Skimpy Imperials

    Does the sons of Talos one do the same?
  11. Lady_Kazu

    Skimpy Imperials

    Does this make every imperial in the game wear this, or player only?
  12. Tried him yesterday, however. he won't speak to me! His quest starts and I do what's asked, yet he won't say a thing!
  13. Is the original mod required for this to function?
  14. Lady_Kazu

    Muscular Genital SAM

    Fabulous dear! Will try this later! Mind me asking what armor that is?
  15. Lady_Kazu

    Incredible armor!!!

    Love it! I'll have a look see! Hopefully, someone will convert these at some point...!