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  1. I believe the mod was called "Pumping Iron", I could be wrong though...
  2. I have that same issue except I dont have argonian brute installed, it only happens to the beast folk...
  3. Lol, I was literally going to convert this myself, but I was beaten, thanks for the refit tho! Cheers!
  4. Does anyone know if this race mod still exists or being updated, I was kinda looking arond for it, any clues?
  5. I use the full SAM package, will he work alongside the full version of SAM for Oldrim?
  6. You are welcome, dear! You are one of my favorite modders/refitters! Yayz! I hope to have all your skimpy fabulousness!
  7. Absolutely fabulous dear! I like the Nordic carved armor! On a side note, would it be possible to make your armors standalone? I am all for every man in Skyrim to show some skin, but I want to choose who wears them! If not, I still enjoy your creations!
  8. Would someone be able to convert this to SAM? As a standalone asset, of course, though since the back shows a bare butt it can be HDT compatible! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14425?
  9. Agreed! I still use it! However this is Talos we're talking about, and the SAM body would surely make him look as powerful as Hiemskr is describing! I second this!
  10. Good luck hun! The feet and hands look great, I can't wait for the rest of the body!
  11. I was wondering if you'd be interested in making this standalone, unfortunately, another modder never made the skimpy versions of the armor that came with SAM by default, standalone!
  12. What armor/clothing is that mask from?
  13. Does the sons of Talos one do the same?
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