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  1. The preset you posted under High Poly Head looks excellent. I'm having a hard time sculpting my presets, so I'm trying to find some good examples like yours to learn. If it isn't too troublesome, can you share the preset?

    1. Caffs


      Go check out my profile on Nexus. I have quite a few presets uploaded on there: Smaffs is my username

    Truly awesome work! I thought I made pretty decent presets before, but OMG! This takes them to another level. Thanks so much for your hard work creating this for us, really appreciate it! I also found a helpful Youtube video showing you how to convert your existing presets that originally used the vanilla head mesh, over to use the high poly version instead. So credit to them for helping me move over some of my older presets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL9_MZWxbC4 This is the first preset made from scratch that I have created using your amazing mod:
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