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  1. Okay, no need to apologize for that. At least you tried to help, that is all that matters. I will try refiting the armor by myself. There must have been a new tutorial since I unsuccessfully tried last time. Thank you again for your help and spent time.
  2. Okay, I replaced the meshes and textures and this happened. Was that the kind of problems you were talking about ? What I did was creating a new archive containing a meshes folder that only contains the .nif files for the heavy armor, and a textures folder containing the .dds files extracted from the .bsa file. I tried with and without the textures folder, the same happens.
  3. Heeeeell, I just realized I mentionned Ulfric and Galmar. I mixed the Stormlord and Ursine subjects together, how could I possibly be that dumb ?! Of course Ulfric and Galmar will not cause any trouble because they will never wear that Ursine armor, I am going mad now. Well, now I am going to try deleting refited light armor files. We are going to see if it eventually works, fingers crossed.
  4. Hello, thanks for replying that quickly. >problem also in SE if the actor of weight less than 100 try to put on I forgot to mention that my character weights 100, does that mean that NPCs like Ulfric or Galmar that wear this armor and might not be at 100 weight possibly are the cause of my crashes ? Or am I just supposed to unpack the .bsa and replace the original texures with the ones from the .bsa in order to get things to work ? >As for Ursine armor, you have to optimize all the meshes from SE format to LE. Yeah, I already "optimized" all the .nif files. >the meshes of the both the heavy and light versions of ursinecuirass_0.nif and ursinecuirass_1.nif / ursinecuirass_light-0.nif and ursinecuirass_light-1.nif in this original package are so different (with and without pauldron) that I afraid whether Skyrim engine, regardless of LE or SE, can recognize them as weight slidered variants of the same armors If I am only going to use the heavy version of the armor, should I delete the files of the light version ?
  5. By the way, I do not know if I am the only having the problem and if it was reported before but the links to the Guardian of the Witchwood armor seem to be all dead.
  6. Hello guys, I am coming back to you as I have got a problem during the conversion. So, I have been trying to convert the files. Everything seems to work for the Stormlord armor (I kept the original .esp (from immersive armors mod) and the textures (from Lord of Bears mod, that retextures the Stormlord armor) and only replaced the .nif files). But when it comes to changing the Ursine armor, everything goes wrong. I converted the .nif files and replaced the original files with those files. Back on my game it crashes, whenever I try loading my save, thus I removed the mod and could get everything to work again. Still, I do not understand how to adapt the refit to the oldrim. I did not use the .esp and .bsa files that, if I am not mistaken, are made to work together and for the special edition only. I saw that originally, the mod contains a meshes and a textures folders but also a .esp file, whereas the refit mod contains a meshes folder with a .bsa and a .esp files. According to what I understood a while before, a .bsa file is equivalent to a textures folder. But I could see previously with the Stormlord armor that I may, either keep the original textures folder, or use a third party retexturing mod, which could mean that I have no need for the .bsa file, no more that I need the new .esp file. Should I infer that bringing this mod back to oldrim is impossible, or is there something that I missed ? Please I need your help once more. ? I know nothing about modding, so please forgive me for asking silly questions or making wrong statements, I am really trying to get things done by myself. I never got along with magic or satanic deliriums anyway. ? Also, please believe me I am trying my best to write something intelligible and free from mispelling errors.
  7. Very nice, thank you both for helping, I am going to try this right now.?
  8. Hi, is there a place where I can find a refit for the Stormlord and Ursine armors for the Legendary Edition ? I cannot switch to Special Edition as half of my mods (at least) does not exist for it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi, cool pics, would you mind sharing the presets of your Demon and Red Head Cattle Rancher characters (especially the faces)?
  10. Tyrie armor looks soooooo cooool, especially the helmet and the axes.
  11. 7klxdh

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    Thank you for helping us. I downloaded the last version, but it only adds options for Argonians and Khajiits, and am still having the problem (which certainly is a compatibility problem as NMM warned me). The manual installation worked for me, it is based on the same solution you proposed after all.
  12. 7klxdh

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    Well, I just checked the content of my textures folder and compared the .dds files with the ones of the archive. None has been replaced during the installation, but I am still unable to tell why. I am just trying to replace them manually.
  13. 7klxdh

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    I am 100% sure I did, the archive weights ~500MB and I readed the content of some folders Inside. Of memory I can tell they contained many character related files such as .nif. In 3 or 4 days I will be able to make sure of that. We will see then . PS : Where have my good manners gone, Merry Christmas.
  14. 7klxdh

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    I am just too dumb, I just had to look at this : I downloaded the mod Thursday, in the afternoon, thereby, later than the last update of the file. So I downloaded the good file (100% sure). I am screwed up, I will need to remode my game from the beginning (for the 300th time) to see which mods have incompatibilities with this one -_-'. Well thank you for the time you spent with me, I hope I will not have to spend the next decade debugging my game.
  15. 7klxdh

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    ikskyouz mi VAT DE FAK ??? A want ma moni bak ! More seriously, I downloaded the mod on this very website, so how could it possibly be outdated ? According to various comments and Screenshot on the 3MW related posts or even the mod page itself (earlier than the moment when I downloaded the mod), what I could see is what I was supposed to get theoretically, was I wrong ? Does that mean that there is another place for downloading the mod ? Could you please give me the link to the page you visited to get the "fully working" version ?