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  1. Sorry I couldn't answer faster, away from my PC for a while. I usually teleport there using the "COC" console command, if I remember correctly it came with the v5 update. Using "help v5room0" usually tells me which rooms GomaPero land has. The Whiterun Railway for example.
  2. I was using HCPose with objects from NioOverride. In regards to the seam brightness, I was near the lantern at the bamboo pond in Gomapero Land and at certain angles the light messes with the lighting - probably because the camera was colliding with the lantern in order to take the shot. Otherwise, it's normal; the other pics were fine and seamless.
  3. Someone doesn't want to share their sweets... Sausage with citrus! The new Pineapple Pizza~ Learning to slow-cook meat...
  4. A great many thanks to kreis - love the armours, all so sexy and oh-so-good for the eyes~ Here are some shots of my favourite Heavy and favourite Light armour. So happy to be using SAM to be able to enjoy such bountiful sights.
  5. Oh yes! A thong collection sounds awesome. An underwear pack seems perfect to showoff the greatness of SAM without just being naked all the time, specially since thongs and other underwear allow to create a modular set by experimenting with other armour accesories. Keep up the great work, both with mods and screenshots; both are a joy to look at.
  6. Massive thanks and Kudos to Don/SavrenX for providing access to these beautiful armours~
  7. Thanks 🙂 I feel the same. For me, my relationship with food is complex (love-hate) but I now consider it one of the activities to keep my busy during lockdown, besides many others that are not as pleasurable anymore due to massive stress.
  8. Eating lots during this period of hardship.
  9. Here are some shots from my latest character: and some naughty ones too~
  10. Damn, all y'alls characters are so hot you got me like ...whilst I have my same-face. gremlin like characters - I need to get creative!
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