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    @Vector Rawrs again.
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    @Vector Rawr
  3. Hmmm you're right, for me it also doesn't work anymore... hmm..
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    [BUGS] Divinity: Original Sin

    With Version on Linux. - It seems the mod doesn't work on old savegames made with the "old" version of the mod (Starting a New Game works).
  5. Hello fellow community members, i did a little mod, which triples the starting points in the character creation of Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition. So you got: - 20 more Ability Points to spend - 16 more Attribute Points to spend Vector helped me a bit, with compiling the new config files, so also a thanks to him! Installation is very simple, extract the "Mods" folder into your "Data" folder of your Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition installation (in the Data folder are a lot "pak" files). Then start a new game, and you should have a lot more Stat Points during the Character Creation! Please be aware, that for more points, i needed to assign those points in the classes too, so i was lazy and assigned all new 16 Attribute Points to a single Stat (e.g. Strength). It's advised to manually change that! If you have questions or feedback simply reply here! Divinity_Original_Sin_Enhanced_Edition_Stats_Boost.zip
  6. Drakon

    XSoldier: Linux Installation

    Hello fellow ... muscle addicted Gamers? I dunno xD. Anyway, i want to explain to you, how you can install Vectors "XSoldier" mod on Linux, it's quite easy. First: Navigate to your XCOM2 Installation folder, which should normally be in: "/home/XXX/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/XCOM 2/share/data/xcomgame/mods" XXX means your Username on Linux! If the "mods" folder isn't there, create it manually. Next copy the "XSoldier" folder from the downloaded archive into your "mods" folder. Then you NEED to start XCOM2, the Feral Launcher will load and update it's Mod List, the "XSoldier" Mod should appear in your Mod list, activate it. Launch the Game and exit it again. I had the problem, the mod wasn't active on first launch, so simply restart the game. Alright, that's it actually, the mod should be up and running fine. If you want to make changes to the mod, the Mods ini file gets created in your XCOM 2 User files, it normally lies there: (XXX is again your Linux Username) "/home/XXX/.local/share/feral-interactive/XCOM2/VFS/Local/my games/XCOM2/XComGame/Config" Search for "XComxsoldier.ini". So yeah, have fun guys