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  1. Hmm. I suppose I can do that. It's just that SSE is/was behind the curve when it came to sex-based mods, I think because of a lack of SKSE. However, I've noticed that Sexlab has a SSE version, which means SKSE was released for Spec Ed. I'll give it a shot.
  2. I've long wanted a good set of mods for homoerotic Skyrim with some kink (Devious Devices, Animal fun, Slavery, etc). After a long break from the game, I came back and found that someone had created a long list of male erotic mods. (Sorry for the embedded link, only wanted the address string) Anyways, I went through and installed most of these, then added some LoversLab stuff (Devious Devices series, Untamed, Sexlab, SL Defeat, Sanguine Debauchery, and quite a few others. The problem is, the game is extremely unstable, even after a Merged Patch and a Bashed Patch (I used TES5Edit and Wrye Bash). Something in the list is creating a missing mesh with Mirabelle at the CoW. She has a giant red triangle. It also hangs up and crashes during cell changes (I can't leave the dorm room tower in the college). As the title suggests, I am a total newbie at the latest methods of Skyrim modding and don't really know how to adjust the settings. I'm asking a lot, but can anyone give me some pointers on how to set this stuff up, please? I finally got some good mods here, and am tired of playing female characters in order to use these mods. My list of installed mods: (I'm using MO2 for management) Sexlab (and addons Aroused, Aroused Creatures, Cumshot, Defeat, Dialogues, Eager NPCs, Extra Voices Expanded, Inflation network, Pleasure, SCOCLB, Seperate Orgasm, Solutions, Tools) Devious Devices (Integration, Assets, Expanded), Deviously Enslaved, Deviously Helpless, Devious Devices for Him, DAYMOYL, DACaptured, Kyne's Blessing - SL Parasites Skyrim Immersive Creatures (and the BadDog addon for them for fun time), Sexlab Werewolves and the Moonlight Tales, Scent of Sex (although I don't understand the rules setup at all) Finally, almost everything listed in the above link list (hair, brows, SAM full, armors, textures, meshes, and so on). Some of these might be canceling each other or clashing, but LOOT tells me I don't have any conflicts. Secondly, I'm drooling over some of the fantastic work Don and others have done (boyish characters without being illegal). Are there any presets I can drop into the game and play? Or else a list of Racemenu settings and required mods?
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