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  1. I checked using SSE Nif Optimizer and it's already good to go and tested this on SE before so I think it's ok to use for SSE! Will be good if someone can confirm this too 🙂
  2. Oh I should clarify that I'd only want it for my PC and not the other NPCs too
  3. Hi! I'm using COtR (from nexus) with its custom body patch installed (using SAM light and SAM light texture add-on). How should I go about doing the manual installation for this mod? Should I paste the msn file into the folder for COtR's patch?
  4. Hello! Can I get a pm for the SE conversion too? I went to the SAM conversion page for the undewear mod but it's only for LE. This was the LE version, I think: Really grateful if anyone can help me out ^^
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