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  1. This is some master piece you've made, thanks for sharing with us! I'd very much like to ask if it's possilbe for me to have the Incubus as a follower or NPC in my game... I very rarely say this but he just hits my core. Yes I'm totally charmed! Please reply...pls, pls, pls, pls, pls...
  2. No, that texture set is not for SAM light. The followers are standalone, with mesh and texture files edited to match, so whatever you do to your game is not likely to change their look.
  3. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I use the texture set『SAM - 3MW Texture Pack - PBI+MMMLT+SABI』in this mod. Maybe you want to try it out
  4. Sorry for my late reply, was offline for a while. And this mod is created for Oldrim, therefore you will need to adjust it to work along with SE. I never did it but there is a link provided by @Don that you may find helpful: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/72773-help-with-converting-an-oldrim-follower-to-se/
  5. Thank you Don! You're an angle and a true artist,
  6. Hi, it's not tested because I'm not playing with SE. But there are rumors say that the 2 followers Elliot and Daniel might have some issues with their faces, and that you can actually fix that if you know how. This is all I heard. Sorry if it doesn't help enough...
  7. Breathtaking... both the armor and the character. Am I too greedy to expect an armor mod with the model as follower coming along?
  8. OMG Don!! These screenshots are simply G`O`R`G`E`O`U`S ! !!Especially the first one, I was truly shocked! With the depth of field and the collar accessory you really put a life into the character, magical! Now you must tell me where to get the muffler mod, shopping time baby And I love your charmer mojo theory, you just catch the point in no time, I admire that! Most of the credits should go to Kouleifoh, but still, I'm so flattered~ Thank you
  9. Interesting. Didn't know about that. Thank you Don for pointing it out! It's just hard to check every armor's tri file, and there are people like me myself who don't have a clue at all on how to do it So what I can give direction on here is just that if an armor doesn't touch slot 52 in Biped Objects then it's likely to be safe (of course I've found ones that cause troubles anyway). The SAM revealing armors and inner wear mods on the other hand, are very questionable. Of course this is just a rough theory, and it doesn't work the whole time through. I'm sure you've got the ultimate right answer to it, but I was just trying to give some suggestions that are easy to follow. Oh by the way, I'm a big fan, love all your followers and screenshots! Smoking hot! Now that I've got a VPN to download mods here, just cannot wait to try your work out
  10. He won't crash your game I'm sure, 'cause it's a standalone body mesh he's using. He's also supporting sexlab if you're using it, I think, never tested but the skeleton he's got is maximum compatible with different bodies and animations. So generally speaking, I think you're fine! ^^ Just be careful with the SAM armors and clothes, especially those that do weird stuff to the crouch area, highly riskyyyyyyyyyy according to my experience~
  11. The version that was on Nexusmods had a bug which makes you have 2 Nord races at the race menu. There was someone asking me to fix it but I kept forgetting. I get it fixed this time before re-uploading.
  12. I'm glad he made it here too! A nice VPN is not easy to find nowadays.
  13. No problem! And yes this is the very latest version of this mod (by latest I mean about 3 years ago...oops!), with the annoying race bug fixed. I hope you like it!
  14. No problem! And yes this is the very latest version of this mod (by latest I mean about 3 years ago...oops!), with the annoying race bug fixed. I hope you like it!
  15. View File Alyosha Follower Alyosha is a young bartender in Windpeark Inn, Dawnstar. Apparently, he has a Slavic and boyish look. Presented to those who find it hot, with honor! Special Thanks: Alyosha uses SAM Light and its texture add-on ver1.1 both created by KouLeifoh. Great thanks @KouLeifoh , those are amazing jobs you've done there. And Vector for SAM, of course! Attention: 1/ You can still have Alyosha even if you don't have SAM Light. But take care, as some SAM revealing armors don't support SAM Light, your game might crash when you give one of those armors to him. 2/ I used to design Alyosha as a mercenary who joins you at the price of 500 septims, but then I realized I couldn't make it work well with multi-follower system. So now he follows free again. Treat him well! Follower Info: Name: Alyosha race: Nord class: spellsword marriageable: yes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requires: Skyrim.esm Update.esm ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: RaceMenu KS Hairdos - Renewal Brows Submitter viwi Submitted 05/27/2019 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  
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